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Disneyland, the 'happiest place on earth,' has stood tall over the Anaheim desert for 60 years now. Much like Rome, it wasn't but in a day, but over two arduous years, with the company's engineers working tirelessly to create the glorious park you see today.

To celebrate the original resort's 60th anniversary, Disney has released this awesome time-lapse video that every true fan must see. They write:

we’ve been looking back at key moments in our history – times when Disneyland pushed the limits of what was possible and created new, innovative experiences for our guests. Searching our archives, we came across this amazing time lapse footage of Disneyland construction.

If you've ever been interested in how the magic of Disneyland came to be, this is for you. For someone familiar with the park, watching iconic locations like Main Street and Tomorrowland take shape is an extremely bizarre experience! First, take a look at these shots from some rather familiar locations:

Launching the rocket

Tomorrowland's rocket is hoisted into position - it's so cool to see the origins of the park I love so much!

Main Street's timepiece

The clock tower is lifted into place on the Main Street Train Station.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

The skeletal structure of the iconic castle is put in place - I've never seen it like this before!

Finishing touches

A final polish of detail is added before the guests arrive.

Main Street in the making

Like a mirage in the desert, Disneyland starts to take shape.

Paving the streets (before and after)

All the work is finally complete!

Now take a look at it in motion...

For some reason, I find it strangely reminiscent of an ant colony rapidly building its nest, only with more castles...and less antennae.

Be sure to check out the full video below:

[Source: Disney]


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