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As anyone who has been to a Disney park is probably aware, there is no shortage of secrets hidden around between the rides and attractions. Imagineers and park designers did such a thorough and continuous job concealing little artifacts to stumble upon, it can feel like a new experience every time you go.

Sometimes, however, you come across one theory about a Disney secret that makes your hair stand on end. In this case, the cause of the creepiness is fittingly the Haunted Mansion ride in Magic Kingdom, and it's a doozy.

I'll put it plainly: if you've been on the Haunted Mansion, you have died. Need evidence? Here it is in all its macabre glory, courtesy of Reddit_Executive.

The ghost host spells it all out for you at the start of the ride

Once you get into the mansion and before you take your seat, you are herded into the stretching room. The ghostly voice from above begins to spin terrifying tales about former guests. Then, he asserts that since there are no windows or doors, you have to find your own way out. At that, he starts to reveal how he managed to escape, and the lights suddenly turn off. With a flash of lighting, you see a corpse above you hanging from the raptors. That's right—suicide is the only way out of the haunted mansion.

The tour begins, and you've sealed your fate

At this point, as you get into your cart, the music is moody, spooky, and melancholic. As you travel through the mansion, the ghost host consistently attempts to make you become the 1000th spectral tenant, while the rest of ghosts do everything they can to scare you away. The host is setting you up for your inevitable future, and the rest of guests are trying to save you.

But it's too late

You ascend the stairs to the attic and just before you reach the wall, you spin around and descend backwards at a steep angle. It always seemed like a strange maneuver—until you realize what happened. You have just jumped out the window and plummeted to your death. The residual ghosts are actually your transportation to the other side.

You're one of them now

You end up in the graveyard where, suddenly, the ghosts are willing to meet you at a clear, close distance. It's almost like you can reach out and touch them, unlike before when they stayed far away and appeared more translucent. That's because you've joined them as the 1000th ghost, and they're giving the necessary celebration for your arrival. Note how the groundskeeper and his pet tremble when you arrive; it's because you are no longer human. Lastly, you leave the ride through the crypt because there's no better other place you belong.

Perhaps the best piece of evidence occurs at Disneyland Paris

Adding credence to this this chilling theory, you actually fall directly into a coffin at Disneyland Paris. It's possible that the French pushed the envelope, but it appears like it's the same tragic fate with varying levels of subtlety.

I don't know about you, but I'm suddenly filled with death wish to try this ride out again. I'm just not putting any stock in coming out alive.


Based on the evidence, do you think that you die on the Haunted Mansion ride?


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