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Okay, Disney-fan, I bring you a gift of more fan art for your eyes! And in these vibrant, sexy and creepy depictions, a couple of the more overlooked stalwarts from the giant of entertainment's immense back catalog of characters get the chance to strut their stuff on the catwalk of fan art.

Artist Emily Nguyen has created a collage of ten characters, including Ariel, Pocahontas and Stitch, in colorful and strange situations that highlight the darker, and sometimes cheekier, side of these purveyors of cuteness. Nguyen states that each piece took her just under an hour to complete, which, when you see her creations, is an amazing feat in itself!

So join me now as we take a peek into the other side of the psyche of a Disney character:

Sexy And Dark Disney

An hour on each?! This is one outrageously talented artist right here! Let's have a closer inspection of each drawing:

Snow White

Knowing her story, I'm not surprised that Snow White would decide to go a little homicidal. Hmm... Snow White x Nikita fan fiction, perhaps?


You have to feel a little bit bad for Scar. Look at him here, all pent up and broody in the shadow of the one place he aspires to but doesn't deserve.


Well, there could be a number of things that has made Pocahontas so surprised in this image. The strange, glowy light source beneath her could be one. Her flowing hair could allude to a stark drop? She stepped in something gross? Who knows. It definitely isn't her massive cleavage. Couldn't be, surely...


When I first saw this image, I originally thought Ariel was smoking a crack pipe or something. Don't ask me how but that was the first image that popped into my mind. Thankfully, she's just displeased and has her tongue out.

Queen Grimhilde

In the UK, the Queen's two fingered "salute" would be most unladylike, which makes this even more awesome. She looks royally pissed off, I wonder what by?


Good old Wiggins, what's he up to in the forest with his basket of tasty goods? I wonder if he'll be plucking real arrows out of himself after heading down the wrong turn?


This little firestarter looks pretty pleased with himself amidst his fiery embers. But that fire does look a little out of control, calm yourself Lumiere!


And this is the last thing you'd see if Stitch was a maniacal, blood thirsty, extra-terrestrial menace.


This is actually creeping me out. Marie always gets what she wants, and if she doesn't...


Pinocchio's blunt game is off the charts! But seeing as he's made of wood, isn't he technically smoking a distant cousin? DISNEY CANNIBALISM?!

Terrific work there by Emily Nguyen, the coloring is spectacular and the vignettes are as hilarious as they are slightly off-putting.

If you like what you see, get over to Nguyen's Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and official site and check out more of her stunning work!


Which piece did you enjoy the most?

(Source: DeviantArt)


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