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The Disney Princess! They're all beautiful, kind and caring and are adored by millions of children, and adults, everywhere.

So what could be cuter than seeing all your favorite Disney Princesses as children?!

Check out these amazing images from Deviant Art user Moonchild in the sky and see for yourself!

Alice - Alice in Wonderland

Even the White Rabbit is too cute, he's almost the same size as his pocket watch!

Belle - Beauty and the Beast

Look at her adorable little face!

Pocahontas - Pocahontas

Who didn't want a pet Raccoon as a kid?!

4. Jasmine - Alladin

She has a tiger cub to cuddle! So jealous!

5. Ariel - The Little Mermaid

Playing dress-up as a human maybe?

6. Tinkerbell - Peter Pan

She has a little green pacifier! Heart exploding cuteness!

7. Cinderella - Cinderella

Cute party dress and a mini Gus!

8. Snow White - Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

It's all about that alice band!

9. Jane - Tarzan

The hat is too much!

10. Tiana - Princess and the Frog

So cute even the crocodile knows it!

11. Meg - Hercules

I wouldn't be happy with a Hades toy either, Meg!

To see more awesome Disney fan art by Moonchild in the Sky check out her page here!


Can you decide which is your favourite?!


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