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NSFW Warning: While you'll find no full nudity on display here, some images may not be considered totally appropriate for the work place.

Batman's arch nemesis the Joker has been called many things before - psychotic, deranged, evil genius - but perhaps never "sexy." However, I've got 28 seductive cosplay pictures that will soon change that!

A little reminder of who these sexy devils are imitating wouldn't go amiss - I'll take any excuse to watch the legendary Heath Ledger at work! Remember this truly mesmerizing scene? It's the precise moment I realized he was destined for the Oscar:

So, with this maniacal muse in mind, I present to you 28 of the naughtiest Joker cosplays you'll ever see...

1. Does your flower squirt?

2. Killer grin


3. Let's put a smile on that face


4. Maniacal minx

5. Seductive slice

[Yugana Senshi]

6. Sickened senorita

[Gemma Massey]

7. Fire away

[Anna Quinn]

8. Eyes up, pal

9. Here's my seriously, call me

10. Not so serious

[Cosplay Paradise]

11. Take my money

12. Bomb-bastic babe


13. Smooth talker

14. Beauty behind bars

15. Lurking in the shadows

16. She shot me down

17. Hat's off to you, girl

[Alien Queen]

18. Urban goddess

[Callie Cosplay]

19. Poolside pinup

20. Smokin'

21. This is no Joke

[Jessica Nigri]

22. Sexy psycho

23. Crazy curves

[Alien Queen]

24. Why so serious?


25. Packing heat

[Yugana Senshi]

26. Caught red handed

27. Who me?

[Hydra Evil]

28. Busted


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