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Drunk History is a simple idea that turned into a TV series. The creator, Derek Waters had the idea for the show while discussing history with a drunk Jake Johnson, Nick from [New Girl](movie:781595). Although at first he envisioned it as a skit for [Saturday Night Live](series:788145) , it eventually became a series for the Comedy Central and is its third season will soon got to air.

Whether or not you have seen Drunk History, here is a recap of some of the highlights so far. From Elvis Presley to Abraham Lincoln, Dolly Parton to Billy the Kid, the series has told many stories, but these ones bring the biggest laughs:

Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass

Of all the Drunk History episodes that have been made so far, one of the originals is still the best.

It's got Will Ferrell. It's got Don Cheadle. And the storyteller, Jen Kirkman, is properly falling over, "did I take my pants off?" level drunk! Kirkman has even been described as the “Queen of ‘Drunk History'" by Waters, and it's not hard to see why.

Kirkman somehow manages to stick to the storyline and tell a relatively believable story of the friendship between Lincoln and Douglass, although she struggles in-between snippets to find a way to lie down, continue drinking and keep her eyes open - a classic problem all sleepy drunks must endure.

To see the full video, you can go here:

"Thank you much", Jen Kirkman, and well done on eventually working out this classy move.

Jen Kirkman on Drunk History
Jen Kirkman on Drunk History

Edith Wilson, the First Female President

"Get out of here, Congress!"

Once again, Jen Kirkman nailed it in the latest episode, which told the story of President Woodrow Wilson's wife, Edith Wilson. After her husband's stroke, she secretly took over all the presidential decision making. But unfortunately, "decision" is a particularly difficult word to say when plastered!

"That's how dumb government is!" Kirkman accurately points out, as well as emphasizing just how well things went under Edith's leadership - Johnny Depp and Tim Burton didn't even make a Disneyland Haunted, Hilary for '16?

Johnny Cool, the

Aside from the wonderfully blatant lie told by the presenter in this episode (which I stupidly believed and was forced to Google fact-check), and his wonderful attempt to pronounce the word 'pronunciation' while worried he may be too drunk to be understood, the cast of this episode are what make it brilliant.

Nick Offerman from [Parks and Recreation](series:214218) , Bob Odenkirk from [Better Call Saul](series:1028213) and Chris Romano, who guest starred as "Punchy" in [How I Met Your Mother](series:200728) combine to make it a ripper.

If you too are a gullible fool like I am, beware! As shocking as it may seem, Chris Romano is not actually Johnny Cool, Junior!

Which [Drunk History](series:2812736) episodes are your favorites? Who do you want to see drunkenly retelling tales from American history in the third season? Which actors do you think cope with the 'unique' material the best?


Which Drunk History episode was your favorite?


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