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The most awaited X-Men movie that will be set to release in May 27th of 2016 has bombed another surprise in the 25th of March, 2015!

Director Bryan Singer who is mostly credited for expanding and making the X-Men franchise into a worldwide phenomenon has just exposed the latest detail that is quiet a big surprise for fanatics like us!

Well, now I have no time for an introduction as you have already seen the title and for that, I won`t waste any time and go straight ahead to our point and that is.....

Bryan Singer Confirms Jubilee!

I am!!!
I am!!!

You got that right! In the 25th, Bryan J. Singer suddenly released an epic news that does not come in one bundle but two! In his Instagram account, Singer landed the confirmation of Jubilee`s appearance with also the one who is going to play this amazing mutant character!

As told, Jubilee will be played by Asian actress Lana Condor (whose instagram can be found here: )

As X-Men: Apocalypse basically introduces mainstream mutant characters to a younger version, I think Lana Condor is totally fit for the role!

Lana Condors will also be accompanied by Kodi Smith-Mcphee who will play Nightcrawler! Here is Bryan Singer at his best on doing everything, especially the casting!

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What do you think of Lana Condor as Jubilee?


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