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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Even before I saw the movie Urban Legends as a kid, I was obsessed with those stories. Freaky things that your buddy swore happened to a friend of a friend, things too crazy to be true but just horrifying enough you couldn't forget about it...

Years later, I find that a bunch of those creepy Urban Legends actually happened in real life. Warning: seriously disturbing content.

1. Kidney Removal

The Set-Up: you wake up feeling a bit groggy. Maybe you shouldn't have gone home with that guy/girl last night... a sharp pain in your side, and sudden realization that you're freezing cold. You're sitting in a bath of ice, and the long, fresh scar along your side tells you that your kidney has been removed...

See it on screen: Urban Legend 2: Final Cut, Paradise Lost

Real Life Version: Three surgeons - and seven more accomplices - were arrested in India, 1998, for hoodwinking people into having their kidneys removed for sale on the black market. The scamsters told victims they required 'medical exams' for job opportunities before performing 'routine surgeries' - leaving them short a kidney...

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2. The Halloween Prop That's a Little TOO Realistic

The Set-Up: You're having fun at a scary Halloween attraction, and are impressed by how life-like the props look... maybe a little too realistic...

See it on screen: Poltergeist - the movie used real skeletons for that infamous scene. REAL human skeletons.

Real Life Version: In 2001, Caleb Rebh, a worker at a haunted hayride, died when he placed a noose around his neck as part of a spooky attraction. Guests and staff alike thought he was acting as he gasped for breath until he passed away.

3. Bug Brain

The Set-Up: You come back from a nice relaxing vacation somewhere exotic, but are bugged by a nagging itch in your head. You prod the area, and a stream of writhing maggots comes tumbling from your head.

See it on screen: The Mummy (remember the bugs crawling under Imhotep's face?)

Real Life Version: Rochelle Harris, 27, came back from a dream holiday in Peru with a sharp pain in the side of her head. It got worse until she went to the doctor, who found the stuff of nightmares under her skin. A New World Army Screw Worm Fly had laid eggs inside her ear, and its grubs had eaten their way through her flesh to escape her skull...

Relive the movie madness below...

4. The Body Under The Bed

The Set-Up: You check into a motel but there's a funny smell in the room. The owner assures you there's nothing wrong, but it keeps bugging you. You look under the bed and the rapidly decomposing body of a previous tenant is rotting into the carpet...

See it on screen: Four Rooms

Real Life Version: July 2003 a man visited Capri Motel, Kansas City. After sniffing a vile stench in his room and having his complaints ignored, the poor guy spent three days there before a cleaner peeked under the mattress - and found a bloated, rotting corpse beneath.

5. You Wake Up Under the Knife

The Set-Up: you're given anesthetic for an operation... but not enough. You wake up, conscious and in agony, but unable to move, as the surgeon's scalpel splits your flesh...

See it on screen: Awake

Real Life Version: Diane Parr, 48, experienced a living nightmare when she woke up during surgery - and couldn't even signal with her eyes as her eyelids had been taped closed - telling The Daily Mail:

I was overwhelmed with panic, screaming inside. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen.

I honestly thought I was about to die, from the shock as much as the pain. My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

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6. There's Someone In Your House

The Set-Up: you hear a rustling noise when you're alone at home. You put it down to paranoia. Maybe it's the neighbors, maybe it's mice. It keeps happening. You swear it wasn't you who finished those crackers... one day the truth is revealed: someone has been living in your house.

See it on screen: Sleep Tight (2011) - a really scary and relatively unknown thriller from the director of [REC], check it out if you haven't seen it!

Real Life Version: In 2008, a 58-year-old homeless woman was discovered living in a man's closet - for over a year! The man had heard small noises, but only gotten suspicious when food started vanishing, the Metro reports.

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Which of these freaky urban legends scares you the most?

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