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I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who genuinely believe the zombie apocalypse will happen one day, and shows like The Walking Dead certainly don't help to dispel that belief.

However, before you go out to load up on guns and tinned food, maybe take a second to remind yourself of this little exchange between Jon Stewart and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Not only did Tyson disprove the entire concept of the undead, he metaphorically shot it in the head... with SCIENCE!

Take a look below:

Of course, Tyson's fact-filled explanation only concerns a certain strain of the zombie mythology - those which are actually 'undead.' Furthermore, these undead zombies are usually resurrected by some kind of supernatural magic, making science relatively meaningless. Still, it's an interesting insight to the biology of humans, if nothing else.

It would be interesting to know his views on the new 'modern' rage-virus 'zombies.' Those which are still technically human and alive, but which are now subject to primal, violent and animalistic urges. Surely, there could be kind of scientific basis for this? Well, in fact there is... kind of. Check out this article to find five real-life zombie viruses in the natural world.

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