ByDaniel Pearson, writer at

There are few films I've seen more times than Ridley Scott's Roman classic, Gladiator. With it's remarkably good cast, beautiful costume design, and cutting dialogue, the film managed to convey the intensity of gladiator combat without dumbing down the political intrigue that lies beneath it.

For those who haven't seen it (yeah, right!), the film tells the story of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), who takes power and strips rank from Maximus (Russell Crowe), one of the favored generals of his predecessor and father, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, the great stoic philosopher. Maximus is then relegated to fighting to the death in the gladiator arenas.

And one of these thrilling gladiator arena scenes is up there as one of my favorites of all time: the tiger scene!

Which is probably why I found these behind-the-scenes shots so interesting. Look at that fake tiger!

Scroll down for incredible behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of Gladiator.



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