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Who doesn't need more Full House in their lives? The show was an unexpected hit and lasted until the cast decided it was time to call it quits. It taught moral lessons with enough catchphrases to inspire a crossword puzzle, and, above all other things, gave us this opening sequence.

Let's take a look back at Full House and learn some behind-the-scenes facts that we may not have been aware of while we were watching.

1. Producers didn't want viewers to know that Michelle was played by twins

That's why their names were at first compressed to be "Mary Kate Ashley Olsen" in the intro. I guess they thought that it would be more reasonable for one young girl to have three first names.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley would split the scenes by emotion

Mary-Kate took the comedic scenes, and Ashley did the comedic ones. No word on how that affected their feelings later in life.

3. MKA almost left the show early

After the first season, Mary-Kate and Ashley's mother nearly pulled her daughters from future seasons for fear that they wouldn't have a normal childhood. She kept them on when producers offered a significant salary increase.

4. Pamela Tanner (the mother of D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle) was killed by a drunk driver

In an particularly dramatic episode, D.J. won't let Kimmy drive home because she's been drinking. D.J. understandably gets especially upset due to the same circumstances leading to her mother's death.

5. The girls NEVER referred to this character as "Uncle Joey"

Many people continue to refer to Dave Coulier's Full House character as "Uncle Joey," but none of the Tanner girls ever call him that. This makes sense considering he was not actually their uncle but

6. Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie, hosted a show called Pants Off, Dance Off

It was on Fuse and pretty much involved partially-clothed people dancing in front of a green screen.

7. D.J. encounters her boyfriend Steve's doppelgänger at Disneyland

When the gang takes a trip to Disneyland, D.J. keeps seeing Steve in all of the characters there, including Aladdin. One year before this episode aired, Scott Weinger, the actor who played Steve, voiced Aladdin in Disney's animated film.

8. A surprising amount of questionable content was allowed past sensors

There was nothing too extreme, but for a show with a predominantly kid-centric audience, Full House had a few subversive jokes. These include Kimmy openly referring to the crotch of D.J.'s boyfriend Viper and Stephanie essentially calling Kimmy a whore.

9. Speaking of adult content, there's a leaked blooper reel that features some of the actors swearing

And by "some actors," I mean "Dave Coulier."

11. When Urkel guest starred on Full House, his appearance caused a paradox among early 90s TV shows

I think this is the most interesting bit of trivia to come out of Full House, so let's take a little bit of time to break it down. Steve Urkel from Family Matters guest starred on one episode of Full House. Later, he appears on an episode of CBS sitcom Step by Step. Interestingly, John Stamos also makes a cameo on Step by Step but as himself, and he directly references being the star of Full House. This means that Full House is a fictional show in the "real" world of Step by Step, but Urkel has paradoxically appeared as himself in both of these opposing worlds.

Pretty unreal, right?

What's your favorite bit of Full House trivia?


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