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2001's Band of Brothers wasn't only acclaimed with both critics and audiences, it was also, at the time, the biggest and most expensive project ever conceived for the small screen.

As a war story featuring massive battle scenes, the cast for Band of Brothers was always going to be huge — and huge it was. However, let's take a look at the six main cast members who appeared in all ten episodes, as well as some big names who appeared in Band of Brothers.

Damian Lewis - Lt. Richard D. Winters

Fun Fact: British actor Damian Lewis actually turned up to the audition for Band of Brothers with an incredibly bad hangover. He had been partying the night before and had only gotten three hours sleep.

What Has He Been In Since?: The Forsyte Saga, Brides, The Escapist, Your Highness, Romeo and Juliet, Homeland, Wolf Hall, and Billions.

Ron Livingston - Capt. Lewis Nixon

Fun Fact: Many of the actors were selected because of their close physical resemblance to the real-life actors they portrayed. According to Nixon's widow, Ron Livingston was the spitting image of the real man.

What Has He Been In Since?: Sex and the City, The Time Travellers Wife, Standoff, Dinner for Schmucks, The Conjuring, Boardwalk Empire, and Saints and Strangers.

Scott Grimes - TSgt. Donald Malarkey

What Has He Been In Since?: ER, Robin Hood, NCIS: Los Angeles, Winter's Tale, Family Guy, American Dad, and Justified.

Shane Taylor - Cpl. Eugene Roe

Fun Fact: Despite showing the exploits of an American unit in World War II, many actors, Taylor included, were actually British. Other Brit actors in American roles include: Damian Lewis (Richards), Matthew Leitch (Talbert), Philip Barantini ("Skinny"), Ross McCall (Liebgott), and Rick Warden (Welsh). Many of the background and supporting roles were also played by Brits.

What Has He Been In Since?: Bomber, The Day of the Triffids, Strike Back, Walking With the Enemy, and Sons of Liberty.

Donnie Wahlberg - C. Carwood Lipton

Fun Fact: Donnie Wahlberg's brother, Mark, was originally set to play the lead role of Richard Winters.

What Has He Been In Since?: Boomtown, Saw II, III, and IV, What Doesn't Kill You, and Blue Bloods.

Peter Youngblood Hills - SSgt. Darrel "Shifty" Powers

What Has He Been In Since?: AKA, Foyle's War, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Check out some of these guys in action in the iconic Carentan battle scene below:

Big 'Band of Brothers' Breaks

Although these are the men who appeared in all 10 episodes of the mini-series, the cast also included countless supporting and background roles. Some of them were filled by actors who have now become mainstream Hollywood stars and celebrities. Let's remind ourselves of some of them.

David Schwimmer - Herbert M. Sobel

Fun Fact: Schwimmer was already a household name when he appeared in Band of Brothers, filming his scenes while on a hiatus from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. He ended up on crutches after he injured himself at boot camp training.

Michael Fassbender - Sgt. Burton "Pat" Christenson

James McAvoy - Pvt. James W. Miller

Tom Hardy - Pfc. John Janovec

Simon Pegg - 1st Sgt. William Evans

Jimmy Fallon - 2nd Lt. George C. Rice

Fun Fact: Although Fallon appears to be driving a military jeep in his appearance in Band of Brothers, in reality the vehicle was not even running. Fallon did not know how to drive a stick shift and so it had to be pushed by crew members to give the impression it was being driven. The sounds were added in post-production. You can check out the scene below:


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