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Neilson will now keep a track of the viewership of Netflix

Netflix, Inc., the popular streaming giant has been under immense limelight since a good period of time. The popular Netflix TV shows like “House of Cards” and “Orange Is the New Black” have gained immense traction amongst viewers. Moreover, the company also wishes to go global with its launch in Australia and New Zealand have given it an edge over other firms.

Nielsen, is another popular company that is known for measure the television audiences. The company has decided to measure the audience for Netflix as well as Amazon for the first time in the history of such service reports Mitch Barns who is the Chief Executive Officer of this firm.

According to a recent interview by Barns to Bloomberg:“That will be the last significant portion of overall television content viewing that we don’t already measure.” He further added, “We really will have a full set of capabilities in the market to measure what we call the total audience across all screens, devices and platforms.”
However, Amazon and Netflix did not really take this initiate by Nielsen positively since they do not really want to publicize what their audiences are actually viewing. They consider it to be a rip off in terms of their user privacy.
This has allowed these companies to get leverage since they can actually negotiate for movies as well as reruns. However, television networks have found it extremely difficult to a actually evaluate the past hits or determine whether streaming has actually affected conventional viewership.
Nielsen, the New York based company has been devising ways to help these companies out. They have been reportedly working on a technology that will enable them to keep a track of what Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriber are viewing what shows and will tell publicize the results to selected clients only. Top boxes have been set by Nielsen that will extract this information for them. However, this will not really work for original content such as Netflix “House of Cards”
Netflix on the other hand believes that the company is not liable to reveal such information since it is not selling advertisements whatsoever nor it pays any sort of fees to cable operators.

“Collecting ratings on streaming services is an outdated mode of doing business,” stated Cliff Edwards, a spokesperson from Netflix. Amazon, which is based in Seattle, has not really responded over the issue.

Hence, Amazon and Netflix are a sensitive stage at this point of tine since their services will now be scrutinized. A check will be kept on the sort of content being viewed by audiences.


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