ByMatt Rose, writer at

Today announced on Facebook Big Finish posted a photo which has a script of the brand new UNIT: Extinction boxset which will star Kate Stewart, for obvious reasons. To tone down on the spoiler factor that this printer paper box is covering to hide who will be joining Ms Stewart in the new set.

Ten years ago today, Doctor Who returned to our screens and took us on the trip of a lifetime.

A decade later, Big Finish are proud to join those new adventures. UNIT: Extinction, our first release from the 2005 revival of Doctor Who, begins pre-production today!

But the celebrations don't end there – a weekend of Doctor Who news and reveals is coming your way. And it is going to be fantastic!

The hints are intriguing, could it be we are getting modern doctors coming into Big Finish? a modern companion? or something else we haven't have thought of as of yet? only way to find out is keep up to date on facebook, twitter and the official website for more updates.


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