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In 24 hours the Broken Lizard crew crowd funded [Super Troopers 2](movie:882192) by raising $2,000,000 which is around what the original movie cost. It still has 30 days left on their Indiegogo page and they have raised $2,489,178 when I last checked. This is amazing news for us fans, it means with more money coming in we will get more craziness.

Crowdfunding for Super Troopers 2
Crowdfunding for Super Troopers 2

Some of the awesome things they offered for backers:

$35,0000 "Keep the Patrol Car" has already been snagged. Whoever paid for it will get to keep the patrol car they used for filming.
$75 "License and Registration?" is still availible and will get you a nice replica badge and some banging aviators.
$55 "Shirt and Stache" is still availible and you get a Super Troopers 2 shirt and fake mustache.

At this rate, the film's budget can only go higher with 30 days left on their project. Can't wait until they start production.

Are you stoked for Super Troopers 2?


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