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Gentlemen Spies, Sexy Women, Over-the Top Villian, and a Take-Over-the-World Plot = Kingsman: The Secret Service

Matthew Vaughn’s new movie Kingsman: The Secret Service stars Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson and freakin’ MARK HAMILL. It was great to see the man who IS Luke Skywalker AND The Joker. Although his role was small in the movie, it was so fun to see him on screen again. It’s a great primer to another movie I heard he’s playing in come December.

As far as the rest of the movie goes, Kingsman follows a dude from the other side of the tracks named Eggsy who learns about this secret spy organization and is thrown into this contest to become the next Kingsman. Why does the group need to look for a new Kingsman? Sam Jackson, ya’ll! He’s there with his ruthless, femme fatale assassin trying to take over the world. So Eggsy has to try to become a Kingsman, so he can help Galahad (Colin Firth), Merlin and the rest of the Kingsmen take down Mr. Jackson.

This movie truly earns it’s R-rating. It is full of cursing, action, violence, English accents, and FUN. It has some great nods to spy thrillers like James Bond and even Austin “Danger” Powers. The movie is very stylized in its direction. It knows what it is- a spy/action/comedy. It has this self-awareness in the same vein as 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street.

There are definitely some over-the-top moments. I can see where it may take some viewers out of the movie. There was one particular fight scene where I wasn’t fully aware of what was happening until it had to be explained afterwards. If the movie would have explained it just a moment beforehand, I would have been a little more accepting of the sequence. Another action sequence was “heads above the rest” crazy. You’ll either laugh like I did, or think its another stupid turn as my wife did.

Colin Firth definitely nailed his role as the gentleman Kingsman that Eggsy looked up to. Samuel L Jackson seemed to have a great time wearing his evil, yet not-so-sinister-sounding shoes. Michael Caine was a true gentleman as always. Taron Egerton, who played Eggsy, did very well creating a guy who we weren’t sure about, but we hoped would succeed. And, Mark Hamill was a gem!

Overall, I loved seeing Mark Hamill on-screen again (can you tell?). I thought the actors did really well. I thought the characters were really good. I just thought that some of the violence was too over-the-top in a couple of the previously mentioned scenes. Even though I laughed at the later one (and I don’t know how they would have done it otherwise without crossing into a gore-fest) it did take me out again before I reminded myself what kind of movie this was: “Not that kind of movie.”

Rating: 4 out of 5 Beards


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