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Ld Kristoffer J Chelidoni

It's been several years since the drama and comedy filled Ugly Betty graced our screens, and while the world of Mode Magazine and Betty's life took center stage a darker history was laid out for her family. More importantly it may just be tied to The Fosters in an unexpected way.

Ignacio Suarez, father of two daughters, near murderer, illegal immigrant, and brilliant cook, may actually be Victor Gutierrez, both played by Tony Plana.

The two characters share remarkable similarities, not entirely due to Tony's acting; they're both chefs, they both have fairly large families, and they both seem to have troubled pasts, and they're both compulsive liars (even if it is to protect their families).

So let's reverse for a moment and take a closer look at the past. From Ugly Betty we know that Ignacio and his wife moved to the States to escape a seemingly assured murder charge. Ignacio, believing he killed his wife's arranged fiance sought refuge. But it goes further, the family to whom his wife was arranged in the series is alluded to being part of the Mexican mafioso. Which means it is possible that Ignacio Suarez was originally Victor Gutierrez from the start. After shooting, but not killing the soon to be husband of his lover, he came into the US and bargained with the FBI for information in regards to the crime family and was placed into witness protective services. About this same time his wife became pregnant with Hilda. After settling in New York, and Hilda's birth, his wife became pregnant a second time, this time with Ana. The FBI and WPS, not sure if they can maintain their cover with the pregnancies forces them to give up the second child who goes into fosters homes and is sent to California. Move ahead a few more years and he and his wife became pregnant with Betty. This time they fight to keep their third daughter, mainly because Hilda is too old now not to remember the pregnancy and it could cause problems, WPS agrees.

Jump ahead about 20 years and Victor (aka Ignacio) and his wife learn that their second daughter, Ana, is having problems. WPS, who still believe the Mafioso are after Victor can't allow them both to seek out the daughter and tell them they can't go to California. So his wife fakes her death and escapes the watchful eye of WPS to get to California. Only to learn that her daughter has had two children. Without sufficient funds to keep herself going, let alone intervene with Ana, Mariana and Jesus, the two kids are adopted by the Fosters and Ana continues a life of drug dependency.

Several years go by and Victor's wife (known in the Fosters as Elaina) seeks out Ana, but Ana blames her and Victor for a life in the foster system and has transferred her anger for the abuse she's suffered to her parents.

At the end of Ugly Betty, now that we know Victor didn't kill Elaina's then fiance, and that both Hilda and Betty have a set future without any chance of them being pursued by the Mafioso, he decides to move to California to start up a bakery.

He resumes his given name Victor Gutierrez and WPS fixes any green card issues that result from this change. He promptly tells Mariana and Jesus that they have dozens of grandchildren, which is very possible since Hilda may have had more kids after the end of Ugly Betty and Betty may have also married Daniel Meade.

While this maybe a wild idea, it makes sense and the timelines line up almost perfectly.


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