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With the new black comedy from Kriv Stenders, [Kill Me Three Times](movie:1118652), heading for digital release on March 26th, we've got an exclusive clip just for Moviepilot readers to feast their action-hungry eyes on!

The film, which stars Simon Pegg and Luke Hemsworth, promises plenty of action, a few thrills and definitely a smattering of out-and-out violence. Take a look at the synopsis:

A mercurial assassin (Simon Pegg) discovers he isn't the only person trying to kill the siren (Alice Braga) of a sun-drenched surfing town. In this darkly comedic thriller, the hitman finds himself unraveling three tales of mayhem, murder, blackmail and revenge.

Sound's pretty bad-ass to me! With all that in mind, check out the exclusive clip from the film below, and then afterwards enjoy the highlights all over again:

Damn, that's one way to get the job done! Personally, I think that was pretty awesome, so let's give it a closer look:

First up the car is given a push start

Before Alice is given a fiery farewell

Too bad she isn't awake to enjoy the view, really

The car builds up some speed...

And explodes violently on the cliffside


Kill Me Three Times will be released On Demand on March 26th and in theaters on April 10th.


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