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I'm sorry MoviePilot. You guys are classy, but you don't even rank when you're up against Rageselect. A long time ago on the internet, Jason and Jeff were on a movie review website called Spill and they had a video game segment called The Loading Bar. But sadly the site had to cut the show, and eventually the entire site was shut down in 2013. After a short hiatus, Jeff and Jason were back with their own site called Rage Select!

Get Drunk With The Puppet Lords
Get Drunk With The Puppet Lords

They adopted their puppet personas and went to work making two part thirty minute Let's Plays featuring both Indie titles, and Triple A games. Now to be clear they don't take the games all that seriously. The point of each Let's Play is to entertain the viewer. They get side tracked, make raunchy jokes, and just BS about whatever. Below is an example of one of their videos. THIS VIDEO IS NSFW SO WATCH WITH HEADPHONES OR WAIT TILL YOU'RE AT HOME.....

NSFW!!!! (Warning You Again)

They do a variety of different videos each day with different guests like Grant, Allison, Kayla, Kristen, Aaron, and John. Sometimes they even get a special guest star like Brian Brushwood, who Hosts Hacking The System on NatGeo, and Scam School on Youtube.

  • The Dojo: These are the two part videos where they look at the newest released games Monday - Thursday. They feature most of the guests listed above each week.
  • Indie Friday: Friday is when they look at Indie titles....This is also about thirty minutes long and features the puppets and other guests.
  • SAVGS: Super Awesome Video Game Show is every Thursday Featuring John Sitton and Jeff who play games that are in Beta testing. It also forty minutes long, and is taken a little more seriously than any of their other videos. There is no puppet Intro or Outtro.
  • Sequential Saturday: This is where Jeff and Jason play through a whole game in parts every Saturday. Currently, Jeff and Grant are going through Mass Effect 2. Also no intro/out
  • Streaming Sunday: This is where Jeff, John, and Kayla live stream a game on Twitch for about 2 hours every Sunday afternoon. They answer viewer questions through the chat as they play.
  • Podcasts: After Sunday Streaming, Jeff posts a weekly podcast which features him and another guest who frequents the show. They talk about video game news, and answer viewer mail.

Also if you support them through Patreon, they will give you a plethora of secret videos. There is so much content to check out!

Ding Dong....
Ding Dong....

So, if you don't have time for a usual boring play-through, and just want to have fun go check out! The Rage team will greatly appreciate the help and support. Now go to the D-Block, praise the Almighty Dong Lord, eat some tasty Banana Bread, team up with Loco Steve and Gary Marzipan, make sure you get all the treats, and pass your PSATs because you are about to embark on the most strangest journey of your life. Welcome to Rage Select....


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