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Arnold Schwarzenegger - the man, the myth, the legend stars in a movie based off the classic, and, in my own opinion, overly done and dead (no pun intended) genre of zombies. That being said, The movie MAGGIE stars Arnold as a loving father fulfilling a promise he made to his late wife; to protect their daughter.

The trailer is well done and shows us a side of Arnold that that we've rarely, if ever, have been able to see. It will be nice to see Arnold in a deep emotional story and I truly hope that we see him playing a character dealing with the heart wrenching throws that comes with being a parent and having to the right thing, no matter the cost.

I'm not a zombie fan, at all, so for me to get remotely excited about something this; it's somewhat of a big thing, to me anyways. I'm excited to see Arnold play a character that is emotionally compromised and vulnerable. I'm sure many of you will probably blow up the comment section with examples of movies where's been in such a roll, however, let's be real here. Many, if not all, of the roles that Arnold has done, he's always been on the comeback. MAGGIE shows us a character that is very real, grounded in reality, and someone we can connect with on a very real level. He's portraying a character that has no self reliant way of a comeback. Nothing short of a miracle, something well outside of his brains, brawn, and self reliance will get him through this story.

Have you ever had to say goodbye to your child with the certain possibility that you may never see them again? I have, and it sucks, big time. Have you ever had to watch your child slowly be consumed by a disease? Thankfully, I have not, however, how far would go to stay by your child's side? To what lengths would to traverse to be there as their comfort? Many parents whose children have succumb to drug addiction and other things would probably best relate. For the rest of us, this story line is a parallel that endeavors to bridge that gap between reality and fiction.

While many may clamor to see this movie based on it's obvious zombie motif; I'm looking at it from the emotional side; and the musical score in the trailer elicits and carries that emotional rather well. Slated for a release date of 22 MAY 2015.

Let us know what you think about Arnold being in this film in the comments below.

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