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1. Disjointed Marriage
2. Missing Wife
3. Curious Husband

Sounds like the recipe for Lifetime’s new movie-of-the-week, right? Wrong! It’s David Fincher’s new psychological thriller Gone Girl. With Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike (who are each perfect in their own roles) as the fractured couple, Gone Girl tells the tale of Nick and Amy Dunne. It follows Nick as he tries to work with the police to find his wife Amy after she goes missing. That’s all you need to know to enjoy this twisty, turny, bendy ride.

Not only do you get a crime story where you try to put all the puzzle pieces together with Affleck, the movie makes a point to examine the construction of reality by the media. Just because something is said by the media whether it be on TV or the internet, that does not mean it is the whole story. There are a couple “news” shows that keep the movie public updated with the progress of the search. The ideas of taking things out of context and fallacious reporting can be rather overt throughout the movie.

Gone Girl’s a black comedy of sorts. It can be dramatic, suspenseful, and curiously playful. A couple humorous scenes are thanks to Tyler Perry. He really does a good job as the movie’s defense attorney. You believe his poise and confidence that comes with a sly lawyer. Neil Patrick Harris also has a supporting role in the movie. There were a couple scenes too familiar to his Barney Stinson persona from How I Met Your Mother. It took me out of the film briefly. I think a lesser known actor may have been better placed in the role of red herring.

Without giving away any spoilers, Gone Girl‘s ending is unexpected, but super on par with the overall idea of the movie. It’s darkly fun and says something about manipulation by the media.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Beards


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