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From writer/director/ star Kristian Hanson, this movie was reportedly made for $800. First, it absolutely looks and feels like $800 went into it. Second, its probably the best $800 movie you can find.

The plot is basic enough, pop culture referencing campers terrorized by masked maniac. However the fun comes from its Grind House inspirations; Dark humor, bad cut scenes, missing frames, fake movie trailer, etc….

The maniac of the movie, Adam Lynch, believes he is living in a horror movie. His weapons are a small knife and a sledge hammer, but his “kills” are mostly off screen or in freeze frame. Then close up shots of fake blood and ridiculously fake organs. His constant running dialog and comedic insults are what really make this movie fun. They really are laugh out loud funny at times.

Sledge is one of those movies that the phrase “so bad, they’re good” was meant for. Definitely worth a watch.


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