BySam Steban, writer at
I've read very The Walking Dead comic, love Marvel, and my favorite superhero is The Amazing spider-Man

Those who have read the comic know is what happened to those who disobeyed the tyrant leader Negan.

In chapter 15x5 "Try", was shown in a scene where Carl and Enid were hiding in a tree avoiding some walkers, a walker who had torn face, as if it were the product of a great and painful burn.

This may be an easter egg on things to come? the face of this walker can result from what Negan did him?

Can the name "Wolfs" replace the "saviors"?

This walker may have disobeyed the rules of the leader, having sex with one of his "wives" or any other factor. Anyway, I think Negan is near, do not know if we will see this season, but is very close.

On Sunday we will have many surprises in the 90 minutes of The Walking Dead. And we have many things in mind, many expectations.

What other clues Negan you have seen?


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