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Alisha Grauso

If you've been paying attention, then you know that a few weeks ago, the Kickstarter-backed Mythica trilogy got picked up for distribution by fan-centric streaming service CONtv. You screamed, I screamed, we all screamed because holy crap you guys we're finally getting an epic fantasy trilogy by fans for fans.

WELL, I told you then that the first film in the trilogy, [Mythica: A Quest for Heroes](movie:2813672) would premiere on CONtv on Tuesday, March 31st. With the debut just around this weekend's corner, we have an exclusive, fun little clip. Priestess Teela (Nicola Posener) meets the ragtag team that young magician Marek (Melanie Stone) has assembled for her. Between a girl, a scoundrel, and a drunk, Teela is...less than impressed.

You have to admire Teela's restraint with the roguish Dagen (Jake Stormoen). Still, that's a pretty epic coat he's rocking, no? And there's more inside Thane (Adam Johnson) than just, well, booze. Much more. Trust me.

Still, you'll have to wait until it hits your eyeballs on Tuesday. In the meantime, you can check out my review while you count down the days.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes premieres Tuesday, March 31st exclusively on CONtv.


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