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Better late than never Arrow fans! Sorry for the delay it's been a hectic week. If you're reading me for the first time I write and make videos for Arrow and The Flash every weeks so if you want to go catch up on my thoughts go ahead and click right here to see my Moviepilot profile.

Basically, I break down every episode into the top 5 moments that could've been the good, the bad or just the most noteworthy. SPOILER WARNING if you haven't seen every episode of [Arrow](series:720988) go catch up and then hop on back.

The video below is my full video review check it out!

Deadshot and Cupid return
Deadshot and Cupid return

5. The [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) returns to Arrow

For the second time we get to see the Suicide Squad on Arrow. I do enjoy seeing Deadshot and Cupid again something felt a little off with these scenes. I think the problem was the team felt very light. I picture the squad being 5 or 6 convicts with someone like Diggle trying to keep them in line. This episode we got Diggle, his wife Lyla and the two pictured above.

It was interesting to see Deadshot sacrifice himself and be "killed off". When I made my video review the creators of the show had not announced that Deadshot would now be "off the table". I think that's a big mistake for such a fun character.

4. Flashbacks about Deadshot

This was an odd choice considering this would be Deadshot's final episode. We learn that of course Deadshot was a veteran who returns home to his loving wife and shy daughter. Time passes and PTSD sets in on Deadshot who almost turns to violence towards his wife.

Arrow has done flashbacks for the likes of Laurel, Sara, Felicity among others but since Deadshot hasn't been seen all season it felt a little off. I hope Arrow decides to bring him back late next season as a surprise.

3. Felicity love triangle with Ray and Oliver

Awkward photo posted just above right? The problem I have with this whole storyline is the fact that I simply don't buy Oliver and Felicity as a potential pairing. Sure, Felicity loved Oliver forever but for him to just all the sudden love her back? Felt forced.

Ray Palmer makes more sense for the kind of man Felicity belongs with. To be honest though, I really would rather have her with Barry Allen from [The Flash](series:1068303) if you've seen them together but I guess I'm alone lol. When do we think Arrow will finally have Laurel and Oliver end up back together?

2. The Atom suit in action

After an entire season of anticipation we finally got to see [The Atom](series:2584045) suit in action. I'm not going to bash the suit like some people have after photos were released but I can't help but compare it to Iron Man's suit. He flies around and shoots energy like blasts from the hand.

I don't know much about The Atom from the comics but I hope there is more to this suit besides what we got to see here. Will Ray get some other type of power or ability with it? Or is this DC's TV universe's version of Iron Man?

1. Arrow vs. The Atom

Similar to the huge Flash/Arrow crossover event we got to see The Atom battle Arrow tonight. This was an entertaining action sequence that made up for some of the slower moments. I enjoyed how Arrow was given a run for his money against The Atom because even though he is masterfully trained in combat you can't exactly train for a "supersuit" haha.

I also enjoyed how Arrow was able to find the weakness in the suit and neutralize Ray long enough to speak with him. It made both heroes look good at the same time. Except for Arsenal who was kinda left in the background. How long will these two battle on before they join forces? Hopefully sooner rather than later!


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