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Everyone is up in arms about Eisenberg's portrayal of Luthor, the fan discrimination on his geeky appearance has been appeased with this very striking yet calm image of Luthor, he seems calculating, menacing and more importantly seems to resemble an attitude or look similar to Norman Bates. Lex Luthor will finally get the new energy he needs as live action motion picture and as a fan I cannot be anymore happier than I already am right now.

Now, lets get straight to the topic, Luthor's calm yet somewhat scary demeanour is seen through his eyes or rather unsymmetrical way his eyes are positioned, I'm not sure if it Eisenberg (as I never thought he would have a lazy eye) or its some sort of kind of surprise stare at something, raising his eyebrows slightly maybe a hint of sorts. I want you to examine Luthor's face,

and we can zoom in one more time...

Why is his eyes showing very high level of strain, what has he been doing, I can only say I see this impromptu veins when it is displayed in the cartoons or comics when he inject himself with a certain "Kryptonite" This could all be a theory but could this mean we can see Luthor's mecha suit make an appearance or it could simply be him normally as he is said to be a Zuckerberg type of character. One other thing I want you guys to figure out is what is happening in his eyes, its like there is some sort of star shape, is his eyes transforming or is it someone's reflection,

What is that?
What is that?

I know this might be the iris whereas it looks like some sort of black hole but this is quite different as it quite striking even when you don't look closely, could it be because of the high res camera or something that might reveal more about the movie or something else Snyder has on his sleeve of reveals.

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) releases March 24, 2016


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