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Ok, let's get into the most difficult discussion in comic book history. Time travel. Or for those who may get the reference "wibbly wobbly timey wimey."

However, let's discuss what is confirmed on [The Flash](series:1068303) first.

We know that Dr. Wells is Reverse Flash. We also know that The Flash can time travel and was fighting Reverse Flash the night his mom was murdered. Dr. Wells is training Barry to get faster, so that Wells can travel to the future, back to his time. Lastly, we know that Reverse Flash was there to kill Barry, not his mom.

Important side note: Reverse Flash and Zoom are THE SAME VILLAIN. I've read a lot of people saying that they are different... This is false.

Now, let's discuss the ultimate questions. Why did Barry's mom inevitably die? Did The Flash simply lose? Did Wells kill her by accident?

The answer is they are all wrong. Here is the real questions. Why did Barry choose to save himself instead of him mom? Why did Wells choose to kill Barry's mom instead of Barry? I put a very heavy emphasis on choose. The very simple answer is time travel.

So there it is, the easy answer. However, saying time travel is simple would be like saying Tobey Maguire was a good Spiderman.

Sorry Dude.

Moving on.

Barry will eventually travel back in time to save try and save his mom. However I have heard the theory that he will choose not to go back in time. However that is not possible due to the fact that it is Barry being there, that keeps him alive. If he doesn't travel back in time, then Zoom will kill Barry. Now, there are two mind sets that we have to look at this with.

1. Barry

Barry's Mom has to die. Her death is the only reason he becomes The Flash. Barry is driven by his mothers death and stays in Central city in order to prove his father's innocents. In the beginning episodes they make it clear that he was planning on going to school over seas but stays in Central city for his father. Simply put, if his mom doesn't die, then he would be over seas when the accelerator explodes and *poof*, no Flash. And consequently if he isn't the Flash then he would have never been able to save his mom and it becomes a vicious cycle. And if he doesn't go back in time, Zoom will kill him. This all is in Barry's perspective.

2. Dr. Wells

He can't kill Barry as a child. Why? Because it is Barry becoming the Flash that is his inspiration to become Reverse Flash. Hence his name. If kid Barry dies, then there is no Flash and no Zoom. Also, if Barry does not become the Flash, then Dr. Wells is permanently stuck in this time. Which, as we know, is his goal to train Barry to time travel so that Wells can go back to the future.Therefor Dr. Wells has to kill his mom.

My advice on time travel? Same answer everyone gave DC when they announced Batfleck. "DON'T DO IT!!!"

Onward and upward. This is what happens that night.

Barry goes back in time to save his mom, realizes that if he saves his mom then he will die or lose his powers. He ends up having to choose between being the Flash/ being able to save millions/being alive. Or, saving his mom and letting Zoom kill him. So he saves himself. Zoom realizes that it is killing Barry's mom that leads the butterfly affect, causing Dr. wells to become Reverse Flash. So, Zoom kills Barry's mom instead.

However, if he does save his mom and himself, then we are looking at a possible Flash point episode or maybe even series! Just a side note.

Of course there will be a similar but more elaborate plot. However, I believe that this is the base line of what happened that night. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


If you were Barry, would you...?


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