ByWill Reitz, writer at
Will Reitz

The Boxtrolls is now available on DVD.

To be fair, I am not the biggest fan of this style of animation (Nightmare Before Christmas, Paranorman, Wallace & Gromit, etc.). It is not the stop motion style - which was simply excellent in The Boxtrolls - it is the story, style, characters, and setting. The Boxtrolls themselves are incredibly cute, but the adult humans in the story are narcissistic, dimwitted fools. When done well, this can be used for comedic effect, but when over-the-top, it makes for an unenjoyable movie experience.

Probably the most telling is that what is packaged as a comedy did not produce a single laugh, at least not from me. Nor did it illicit laughter from the other two people watching the movie with me, who gave up on it and decided to do other things.

The verdict: Skip it. ... If you are a big fan of stop motion animation, or British animation, then go ahead. I hope you enjoy it. For the average moviegoer, I predict that you will not like it.


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