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Kamal Rahyab

What's more fun than having Superman beat the shit out of The Hulk or vice versa? DC was created first and it's my favorite but Marvel is good (understatement) too. The possibility of seeing them together (even in fan made trailers like AlexLuthor86's YouTube video) is too epic for words. But it's nothing more than a pipe dream. Sadly a comic book series where the ending is decided by us instead of the writers is probably the closest we'll ever get. However, this doesn't stop the conversations spewed from it's wake.

Fans (including me) are wondering who would win The Justice League or the Avengers or how The Joker and Carange would get along (though that happened in the comics). However, these conversations aren't without fault (much like comic book characters). In these conversations, everybody and I mean EVERYBODY has to act like a snarky troll or a sarcastic bastard. I've seen mostly Marvel starting it but DC is WAY beyond innocent.

Want proof? Let's start with celebrities. Kevin Feige. Enough said. Now Stan Lee is a man I despise. Actually, that's an understatement. When this dumbass whines about DC, I simply hated him but when he was mad at DC and called them "not smart" when they wouldn't give him a cameo in BVS:DOJ, I was pissed. RDJ's comment surprised me. He has a big ego but I didn't take him for a guy who'd call TDK "pretentious" and says "fuck DC". Harsh RDJ.

Marvel's other stars have trash talked DC. Anthony Mackie says DC and BVS are "punks" that "need to step up to be beaten down". Good and definitely old Sam Jackson says a pretty weird comment: "There's Marvel where you have heroes and DC where's there's interesting bad guys" (no offense Marvel fans but Marvel has some pretty shitty villains like Mandarin, M.O.D.O.C.K and Red Hulk) . Finally we have Chris Hemsworth's little remark which is "Well we are winning, aren't we? There is no real rivalry".

Wow. Now we go to the recent Jason Momoa's trash talking. He writes "Fuck Marvel" on a fan's poster. I don't recall any other DC actor or writer trash talking so let's go to the fans. Now there's way too many for me to quote but you get it right? My point is all this bullshit is so avoidable. Zack Snyder said it best when he said he just wants fans to enjoy both. Thank you Snyder! So what do you think?


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