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The perfect family movie this Christmas season is undoubtedly Disney’s Frozen. The latest 3D-animation movie by Disney stars Kristen Bell as the princess Anna who must save her sister Elsa from the tragic Ice Queen and her kingdom covered in winter. The movie includes classic Disney songs in the making. Not only are they fun and catchy, the songs add to the friction and relationships of the characters.

The story is great for children and parents, but for very different reasons. The character's interactions, the good and the bad, shows kids that no matter what, true love conquers all. The relationship between the two sisters, Anna and Elsa, will be especially relatable to sisters of any age. Parents get an interesting look at what happens when they restrict the opportunities and abilities of their children. Even if their intentions are for good and safety of all, the kids will eventually be hurt and won’t reach their full potential.

My only complaints about the movie have to do with some of the obvious story elements. I wouldn’t call the film predictable, just some of the side elements. For example, something happens in the beginning, and it’s pretty obvious that the alternative will occur later on in the film. Some of the characters introduced early are only in there to advance the plot later on.

The animation is really well done. The ice formations and winter transformations are some of the coolest looking scenes in the movie. They really put you in a spirit of winter. The songs are as fun and memorable as the classics like Aladdin, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast. The replay value really increases when the songs are something that you enjoy. The comic relief character Olaf the snowman is really a fun addition to the movie. His presence isn’t only for comedy, but to enhance the film’s theme. He’s the perfect embodiment of innocence and love.

I definitely recommend this movie to kids of any age! It will be an addition to my home movie collection when available. Kids will want to watch it ten times over, and parents will be able to stand it with its fun, engaging story, songs and animation.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Beards


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