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So, what about Marvels phase four? What's going to happen after Avengers Infinity War Part 1-2, and Inhumans? Here are my ideas. First, we have the Skrulls: a shape shifting alien race that have caused a lot of trouble across the galaxy with both the Kree and we humans. It would be really cool if they are hinted at in [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113), then, have a huge reveal in a Phase 4 movie, like Hydra in Captain America the Winter Solider.

Sadly, this may be hard to do since some of the Skrulls property rights belong to 20th Century Fox, while Marvel retains the rest of the property.

The other route is the Celestials. They are pretty the much the most powerful beings in the Galaxy. We have already seen them in [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073).

So, maybe Marvel plans to go more in depth with the Celestials. That would be cool! But, me thinks Skrulls are the best route, because their awesome. They invaded Earth and no one knew, pretty cool right:)

But, what about [Marvel](channel:932254)TV shows during phase 4?

Avengers the Initiative would be cool for TV, because it takes a team of young teens that have cool powers, and they go to a camp to get trained. This would also translate great with the Skrulls, because later in the comic series it goes into Secret Invasion, I think?

Also, the Young Avengers could be fun to explore since the MCU is just getting bigger and bigger.

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