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I have a strange collection of comic books. I inherited a box of comic books when I turned 10 from my dad. He had hidden them from me until he thought I would take care of them. They were old and browned by the time I got them. They were like time capsules for me. My dad doesn't have many pictures from when he was a kid, but I felt I got a glimpse of his life growing up in the 60's and 70's through these comic books. Then, on top of his collection, I added my own comics. So here is my top favorite comic book characters via my strange collection of comic books.

1. Machine Man

Machine Man was one of my Dad's favorite comic book characters. He is still to this day a gold age SciFi geek. If its about robots or space odysseys, he has read it. Machine Man embodied every major SciFi trope there is about artificial intelligence and what it means to be human. Machine Man struggled to assimilate into a human society that was hunting him down. In one issue Machine Man has to stand between an alien race that is determined to judge humanity for its crimes against life itself. Machine Man was always interesting to read because he was always going back and forth on the failures and the value of humanity.

2. Black Goliath

This is another comic book character that intrigued me at a young age. My dad seemed to have a tendency to get comic books that featured ethnic minority superheroes. This comic, for me was a history lesson on race relations in 1970's America.

3. The Rocketeer

Now this is one of mine. Rocketeer is still one of my all time favorite movies. After seeing it I remember thinking, "I wish they would make a comic book after this guy." Unknown to me for several years, it was a comic book in the first place! To my surprise the comic was just as fun and witty as the movie.

4. Static Shock

Like father, like son I guess. For some reason, one of the characters that I related most to was a nerdy black kid from Dakota City. Even more than Spider Man, Static related to who I was as a young student with insecurities and heroic aspirations. For me Spider Man was a college kid, but Static was a high schooler! Of course in the New 52 Virgil heads off to intern at STAR Labs and is a little less relate-able as a high schooler, but he still has that charm and wit from the WB Tv series I love and cherish still today.

5. Spider-Man

Spider-Man was the one of the comic book characters that I love to read. His personal life was a mess and his hero life was fun and exciting to watch. His villains were sometimes ridiculous, but that made all the wise cracking even funnier. I was always guaranteed a chuckle from Spider-Man.

So there you go, my Top 5 Favorite comic book characters!


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