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There has been a great amount of discussion when it comes to the best superheroes. Most of the arguments discuss the strongest heroes, but for this article, I will give the top 5 inspirational heroes. We discuss the fastest, strongest, and smartest heroes all the time, but this time, lets give the top role-models of our heroes .

5: Batman

Please don't stop reading this article because I have Batman at number 5. Honestly, he would fall under my top 3 for favorite heroes, but I believe that other heroes are better role-models. Batman is inspiring because he has gone toe-to-toe with some of the most powerful individuals in his universe. Even though his teammates constantly remind him of his lack of superpowers.

Batman also shows us, as readers, that mental strength is as important as strength. We see that he can out plan most characters in both marvel and DC. He has forced himself to analyze a situation as soon as he is faced with it. Which is against most people's natural instincts to freak out or make emotional decisions.

The reason I have him lower than others is because he becomes obsessed.

4: Superman

Now, please hear me out. I am a fan of superman and batman, but the people I list later are heroes that I believe are better role-models for people.

So, The reason I have superman on this list is because he has a great amount of self-control. He could easily take control of the people that he protects- as we have seen in injustice. Just because we have the power to do something does not make it right to do it, as superman teaches.

3: Spider-man

We, as fans, have all heard the saying, "with great power comes great responsibility." It is probably the most famous comic book saying. So, It follows that the character who is known for using the most famous moral quote must be in the top 5 best role-models for heroes. Spider-man is a great role-model for any reader. He teaches his followers that they cannot let their past failures break them. They need to learn from their mistakes and press forward. Spider-man used his greatest mistake (loosing Uncle Ben) to remind him daily why he is the hero he is.

Honestly, Spider-man and the next few were very hard to place. I could have switched any of these top three. This was just a personal feeling.

2: Flash/Barry Allen

This one was probably the one of the most unexpected choices that I thought of, but I truly believe that Barry Allen should be one of the highest held heroes when it comes to being a role-model. If you have not read the flash-point paradox and you do not want to know what happens in it, you are just going to have to trust me. Here is the main reason below why I believe Barry deserves higher praise.

Barry Allen learned to use his powers to time travel, and with the best intentions, he used the ability to save his mother who was murdered when he was younger. This later became disastrous because that one change in the timeline eventually lead to a devastating world war. So, Barry had to use his speed to LET HIS MOTHER DIE. I do not know about any of you, but that would be extremely difficult for me to do. Not saving her is not the only problem though. It is also that he had to physically (not just mentally) stop himself from saving his mom. This would be like letting someone kill the person you most care about so millions more will live.

That is the biggest reason why the Flash is my number 2.

Other reasons why I put Barry so high is because he is pretty much the heart of the DC universe. The Justice League is just not the same without the Flash.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few that I wanted to fit in, but I personally felt that they were just below the top 5

Wonder Woman

This was the most difficult person to leave out because she is the symbol of woman's rights, but I felt that batman and superman were more applicable to everyone.

Jean Grey

This was another difficult choice. Jean has shown much sacrifice which is a lesson that is extremely important. She sacrificed herself when she felt she could no longer control the power within her. She is one of the most selfless characters in comic history.


Another character I felt was inspiring because of his ability to fight with no powers against armies of super powered villains, but I could also say that about a great amount of heroes such as the following: Black Widow, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Wildcat, and many more.

The Grand Finale

The Most Inspiring Role-Model

1: Captain America

There is no question that Cap is one of the best role-models. There is no other character with such strong morals.

Captain America is a symbol of what people should be. You cannot say that he is not inspiring, and he has sacrificed a great amount of his life in what he believes in. He fought for the American way of life in World War II. He adopted a time that is not his own. He defended the rights of his fellow superheroes in the Civil War story arc.

Which he gave his life for

In the comics, Cap mentions that the most difficult part of being Captain America is being the symbol that Captain America Represents.

These are the main reasons why I believe that Cap is the greatest hero that we look up to in this day and age.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my perspective. Please, do not hate me if you disagree. This is just my perspective, and I hope I gave you guys a new point of view in this debate.

Please let me know if you have other characters that you find to be good role-models.


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