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Oliver Queen just made has do a double take. The Arrow just took a turn in a completely different direction. Just when you thought Ra's Al Ghul was just out to kill Oliver Queen, he takes a turn in the other direction.

If you haven't seen the latest episode you may want to turn back!

Now that Ra's Al Ghul has admitted the pit is no longer healing him fully, he's targeted Oliver to be his predecessor. Oliver however isn't quite jumping for joy over the over.

What would become of Oliver Queen if he takes the offer?

Everyone is turning against Oliver and out to get him. With friends like Ray Palmer (The Atom) out to get him and tons of fake Green Arrows running a muck in the city, the offer of to be the new Ra's Al Ghul is looking pretty good.

If Oliver takes the offer though will we no longer have a Green Arrow?


Is Olive Queen the Nex Ra's Al Ghul?


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