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Amalia Mangiafico

Recently Moviepilot gave me the most amazing experience ever, I had the opportunity to attend the New York City red carpet premiere of Insurgent!

As I was sitting on the train to New York City that chilly Monday morning, my heart was pounding with anticipation and excitement. I was so anxious but couldn't help but keep a huge grin on my face the entire ride there. I couldn't help but feel like Tris and how she sat on the train awaiting what her future would hold as a new Dauntless. Little did I know how amazing my day was going to be.

Check out the video!

Marco and I got to explore New York City during the day and hit the the Insurgent premiere at night!

To my fellow Creators,

If you've just started on Moviepilot or you're already an awesome Creator, I encourage you to never give up. Keep writing, be positive, stay humble, and I assure you great things will come your way. Who knows, maybe you can be a part of an amazing experience like I did!

Lastly, I would like to thank Moviepilot for this amazing opportunity. This was truly such an incredible experience!

~Amalia Mangiafico


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