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As I was rewatching Captain America: The Winter Soldier for about the tenth time and reflecting on having watched The First Avenger for about the fiftieth, I began to list off in my head the major Cap villains that have appeared in the MCU. AIM appeared in Iron Man 3, though has yet to be referenced in a Cap film, Arnim Zola appeared in some form or another in both films, Baron Strucker will be appearing in Age of Ultron, Batroc the Leaper, the Winter Soldier, and Crossbones all appear in the second Cap film, and Red Skull is the main antagonist in the first film. Notice any major absences from that list? Yep, Baron Zemo and MODOK.


Brief history of the character:

Baron Zemo was a founding member of HYDRA who was voluntarily injected with a perfected form of the super-soldier serum following the Red Skull fiasco. After his injection, he was in a fight with Cap during which he was exposed to Virus X, an experimental chemical weapon being developed by HYDRA at the time. This virus caused the mask he wore to become fused to Zemo's face and necessitated periodical treatments to keep the virus at bay. Following WWII, Zemo went into hiding only to reappear in the twenty-first century, briefly retake control of HYDRA, and then become a freelancer and founding member of the Masters of Evil.

How to get him into the MCU:

It has been announced that Baron Strucker will be defeated early on in Age of Ultron, aid from the Maximoff twins notwithstanding. Therefore, it would not be at all implausible to take a similar route with Zemo and put him in the beginning of Civil War.


Brief history of the character:

MODOK was originally an AIM operative named George Tarleton. However, AIM higher-ups used experimental mutagens on Tarleton and turned him into a supercomputer known as MODOC (Mental Organism Designed Only For Computing). However, MODOC quickly became resentful of his overlords, murdered them, and took over AIM himself. Renaming himself MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), he quickly became a thorn in the flesh of Captain America.

How to get him into the MCU:

The best way is for a Phase 3 film to show that AIM was not nearly as beat up as they appear to be at the end of Iron Man 3. This would set the stage for the creation of MODOK, or alternatively, as happens in the Iron Man 3 official game, MODOK is created when Aldrich Killian downloads his consciousness into a computer *cough cough Arnim Zola* *cough cough GLaDOS from Portal*.


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