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Numero Cinco - VIBE, AKA Francisco "Paco" Ramon. With the red hot popularity of the current Flash television show how can you not put "Cisco" on the list. He has not received meta-human abilities yet, but he is a force at Star Labs none the less packing a comedic punch and providing the team with so many wonderful toys.

Numero Quatro - *Tie* GREEN LANTERN AKA Kyle Rayner/BLUE BEETLE, AKA Jaime Reyes. I couldn't bring myself to pick between these two galactic heroes and declared #4 a tie. Both from humble earthly beginnings before being bequeathed interstellar tokens of power. The Blue Scarab and the Lantern Corp Ring made these hombres forces for good.

Numero Tres - SPIDERMAN, AKA Miles Morales. It is hard to ignore the recent popularity of the Morales Spiderman. Even die-hard Peter Parker fans have to recognize that this incarnation of the web slinger has brought plenty of buzz back to the Spider-Verse. And with talks circulating feverishly that Miles may indeed make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe his popularity may grow to Rhino sized proportions.

Numero Dos - EL DORADO. El who you may ask? El Dorado, the mystical Aztec hero who despite never having his own DC comic book title was made one of the Saturday Morning Cartoon Super Friends. His origins and powers were never very well flushed out and he was only added to the show to bring diversity to the all Caucasian lineup, but he was one of the first heroes given to the public with Hispanic origins.

Numero Uno - ZORRO. Not a super powered hero but the Fox of the Mexican Desert was the inspiration for one of the DC Holy Trinity... Batman. Yes, before a extremely wealthy socialite from Gotham used his money and influence to right wrongs, a wealthy Don in old west Mexico did the same. In some depictions of the Dark Knight a young Bruce Wayne and his parents are even seen coming out of a showing of a Zorro film at a Gotham theater that faithful night when the Wayne's are gunned down and Bruce is set on his path for greatness.


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