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Kellin Litton

Ok, so for my fellow hunters out there who are caught up on the show, you know how Dean now has the Mark of Cain. The benefits of the Mark, is that Dean is immune to demonic powers, has super strength. The downsides is that it turns him into a homicidal maniac, and that when he dies he becomes a demon.

Now, so far there has been no one that can remove the Mark. Before getting into who could possibly remove it, the smart thing would be to say how did Cain even get the mark.

Now common knowledge in the [Supernatural](series:200506) universe (before Cain told Dean the truth) was what most of us believe to be. That Cain talked to Lucifer and murdered his brother. While in (the Supernatural universe) truth, It was in fact Abel who was talking to Lucifer. Cain loved his brother so much that he made a deal with Lucifer. Cain would go to hell if Abel would be allowed to go to Heaven. Lucifer accepted on one condition. That Cain be the one who sends Abel to Heaven. And so Cain fashioned the first blade and murdered his brother. Since then he has served as a Knight of Hell till he retired.

Now for who could possibly remove the mark. Well Lucifer was the one who gave the mark to Cain. So that means that Lucifer could possibly remove it, which also means that the other Archangels could as well. If any were still out and about of course. Though I think Gabriel is still out there (save that for another post). Now if it was a Archangel that gave the mark. Then that means their father, God, could remove as he is more powerful. Which means we may see Chuck again (I believe Chuck is God, again best saved for another time).

Those are most likely Dean's last chances for removing the Mark, other wise he may (or will) end up like Cain.


Do you think an Archangel or God could remove the mark?


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