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I know I've been writing a lot about Mythica lately, but the films are just so much fun and right in my nerdy-minded wheelhouse that I can't help myself. With the news that the first film in the trilogy, [Mythica: A Quest for Heroes](movie:2813672) was picked up by CONtv and will premiere this Tuesday, March 31st, we thought we'd jump the gun a bit and give you a sneak peek at Mythica: The Darkspore, the next film in the epic fantasy series.

Darkspore is finished, but they're launching a Kickstarter campaign to get that last bit of postproduction work just right - and by "just right," I obviously mean that much more slick with the special effects.

Because, let me tell you, the scope of this next film is big. More battles, more characters, more magic and crazy spells. Let's take a look at the trailer, shall we?

Clearly, the stakes are much, much higher this time around. Marek (Melanie Stone), in particular, seems like she'll undergo a lot of changes in the sequel - and not necessarily for the better. There's a darkness inside of her that she's obviously unable to control, no matter how much she assures everyone that she's got it handled. And from the looks that the rest of our heroes give her throughout the trailer, that darkness just might damage her relationships with everyone she loves.

Also, DRAGONS. Enough said.

The Kickstarter for Mythica: The Darkspore goes live on Monday. You better believe I'll be tweeting about it and chipping in a few bucks to make magic happen - literally.

And don't forget, the world premiere of Mythica: A Quest for Heroes is this Tuesday, March 31st, only on CONtv.


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