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I love dc and am a huge fan of spawn and 2000 ad
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So this is my first post and if you are reading this then thank you for your support. I am a huge comic book enthusiast and follow most of the shows and have been collecting comics for 3 years now. I tend to enjoy those not mainstream characters but i do have a few favorite ones too. I love comics and i hate that this contest only makes you choose 5 because for me that is not enough cause there are so many that i love. well now that that i have introduced myself i will get to the main issue of the topic.

1. Batman

Now to start this off is the dark night himself. I have loved batman since the day i can remember, i grew up with the Batman the Animated Series and i thought i was batman for a while but then again, who didn't at one point? He is the most iconic superhero ever and beloved by most. My first Issue i had of him was the batman the long Halloween and i read it multiple times over and over. I watched the dark knight movies many times and played the ark ham games for more weeks than i can count. He is the Smartest superhero and i felt i related to him the most because he wasn't anyone special and as a kid he was socially awkward and never quite fit in. That was what i went through in middle school and still am going through in high school right now. I am surrounded by people less than enthusiastic than i am and no one understands the mount of excitement i get from comics so he has helped me through these times. He was my dark knight and he has been my all time favorite since then. That is why he is number one on my list. He has the coolest costume and i have been him for Halloween more than one in my time but he will never leave my heart.

2. Spawn (Hell-spawn Al Simmons)

Second is the HELLSPAWN himself.. Now i have just become a huge spawn fan recently and that is due mostly to the HBO animated series that i discovered while surfing YouTube and i feel into the clutches of its awesomeness. Now he is one of the coolest anti heroes and i discovered that in the batman and spawn comic which i really enjoyed. He is very unique in the way his suit can control his cape . another reason i really like him is the fact that he resembles batman in many different ways. He is menacing and very dark just like batman. And he is one of the most powerful heroes ever, id like to see spawn vs. hellboy, that be awesome.

3. Judge Dredd (2012)

He is the LAW, so its a crime not to like him. I have loved the character since i first watched the Sylvester Stallone version and since i got the first volume about 3 years ago. Now i prefer the 2012 appearance because its more accurate to the personality and the action was phenomenal. I always a good Apocalyptic setting for humanity and these comics fill that bill well. he is a man with no pain on a mission of justice and there is nothing not to like about him. he is badass personified. I dont have much to say but what is there left with the man who is all ....... JUDGE, JURY, AND EXOCUTIONER


Now this is one that needs little back knowledge to enjoy the guy. I have enjoyed him in the superman the animated series and i have adored his cameo in the justice league show. He is one of the most fearless mercenaries ever in all of comic books both marvel and dc. He is so bad that he was banished from hell cause they cant contain him and even couldn't go to heaven rendering him immortal, now i don't know about you but he would own Deadpool in a battle because deadpool may have a healing factor but he is a walking cancer. and doth think i don't like deadpool cause who doesn't. Now back on topic he is the only space biker that i know of and he is very unique in that fact that he refers to himself in the 3rd person constantly and that is a huge ego sign on the top of his head. He is one of the funniest guys in all of dc and he would have made my top 2 of dc and it would be a crime for me not to put him on this list.

5. Peter Quill "StarLord"

For last is my singular favorite hero that is not a hero, not including batman. He is the one of the best Marvel heroes and my 2nd favorite guardian (behind groot) Now where to start, he is certainly the most entertaining character in guardians of the galaxy and is a leader that has a hidden talent but doesn't even know. i laughed so hard when he had the opening in the movie. it was so unexpected that the entire movie was y favorite part of it. i have been reading the recent issues and been in love with the team. they all work so good together but in idea it shouldn't. And Peter is the glue that holds them together. He has only a few gadgets but uses them to expertise. He is my 2nd favorite on this list but #1 in entertaining. He dances forever to those wonderful jams.

Well, that my list. thank you for reading if you get this far, But i have a few honorable mentions that would have made list given i could have done more.

  • Rorschach
  • Deathstroke
  • Deadshot
  • Groot/ Rocket
  • Firestorm
  • Hellboy
  • Antman (Scott Lang)
  • Green Arrow (JLU show)
  • Joker
  • Professor Zoom
  • Ultron
  • Quicksilver
  • Darkseid
  • Dr. Manhattan

Thank you for reading my article and i hope that i get chosen to win.


Who of my selections do you like the most???


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