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I only got into comics in the last few years, but it has quickly become a hobby of mine. Naturally, I am a reader, and comic books were the next logical step. I quickly started to go through bins at local comic shops to search for story arcs and now have two and a half shortboxes full of delicious reading material. Over the last few years I've come to see these characters as friends. I'm even getting my son into comics. On to the interesting stuff.

The merc with a mouth
The merc with a mouth

#5. Deadpool

Because Deadpool. Why not. He's deranged, schizophrenic, homicidal, and somehow manages to still be the anti-hero good guy better than any other person in the Marvel universe. He was once a really obscure character. And now, he's everywhere. They are finally dedicating an entire film to a character who initially started as a joke.

Why do I like Deadpool? Because like Mr. Wilson up there, I talk to myself. Often. Also, unkillable. I like the idea of brutal immortality(until they kill him off in a few issues.) Honorable mentions for #5: Captain America, Pandapool, Spawn


#4. X

An ex-mafia vigilante exacting justice in a town full of corrupt cops and aforementioned mafia/mob. This guy is in a comic full of violence and bloodshed written and illustrated beautifully. I don't know what got me hooked on this one, but he quickly captured a place in my shortbox. Maybe it's the idea of Justice served any way possible. And realistically as well.

Honorable mention: Kick-ass.

Faustus - The Victories - Read it.
Faustus - The Victories - Read it.

#3. Faustus

The Victories is a comic series created by Michael Avon Oeming, who was also co-creator of the series Powers(Now a Playstation Network show - little secret, IT'S AMAZING.) The Victories is the most brutal series I have ever read. Many colorful pages filled with drama, engaging stories, and bloodshed-filled violence that would make Tarantino movies seem like Blue's Clues.

Faustus is at the center (mostly) of this series, as a superhero trained in a type of martial art that grants him an incredibly powerful fist. There is a drug that makes people float. And good heroes turned bad, bad turned good, etc.

Honorable mention: Navigator from Translucid.

X-O Manowar doing what he does best.
X-O Manowar doing what he does best.

#2. X-O Manowar(Valiant)

Aric of Dacia was a 5th century Visigoth warrior who was captured and enslaved by an alien race known as the Vine(don't ask, easier if you just read the series. Trust me. Seriously, go read it. I'll wait...) Not keen on his people being forced into slavery, he happened upon an ancient armor within the alien ship - an armor that chose him - he turned on his captors and freed his people, making his way back to Earth using various abilities provided by the armor to control the ship. However, the time had somehow changed and he was now on 21st century Earth and his occupation of the lands that once belonged to his people was seen as a hostile takeover by the world powers.

Long story short, he becomes a force for good on Earth after a certain team led by #1 convinces him to not start a war.

He is what would happen if Conan the Barbarian wore an Iron Man suit. Think about that.

Ninjak.  Or as his friends refer to him - Ninjak.
Ninjak. Or as his friends refer to him - Ninjak.

#1 Ninjak

Colin King is a master assassin/spy/swagmaster/badass for the British intelligence agency MI:6. Virtually a gun for hire(since he actually has no contract with his employer) he still leans toward the righteous side of the world, and answers the call to join Unity when the Earth is threatened by a seemingly dangerous invader(see #2 above.) After a few scuffles and some negotiations, Ninjak and the rest of Unity convince the invader to work alongside them.

Why Ninjak? Because he is what happens when James Bond meets Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Raizo(from the Ninja Assassin movie.) And Batman.


My aim is not to win this contest - wouldn't complain though ;) . I've been trying to find a reason to write again. I miss expressing my thoughts about things in written form, where my words can pollute and influence the minds of others. If I just so happen to turn some people over to some great comic characters as a result, then I've already won. So, if you feel so inclined, most of these can be found at pretty much every comic shop. Pick up a couple issues of which ever ones interest you and read. Live in the pages. Feel the art. Support the people who work their bums off to entertain the masses.


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