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Martin Selimaj


Deadpool is cool because he is a trash talking, bad ass, un-killable assassin that was a product of genetic experimentation, causing him to have the ability to teleport, be invincible, and have amazing aim.


The reason i like superman is just because he was such a classic character, and e feels like the original super hero. And he is from a different planet that was destroyed and he is just trying to prevent earth from dying so everyone can have their home planet unlike him.


The reason Batman is my second favorite superhero is because even though he is just a man, he is also a symbol. He is a symbol for people to look up to and he is also one of the most self-less people in gotham that cares more about others than himself. The fact that he experienced such a loss and wants to protect people from the pain he experienced. And the fact that he is just a man without superpowers who is better than most superheroes with powers. And the fact that he doesn't kill to get justice amazes me because it shows that he doesn't need to kill to get the justice he wants and deserves.

2.The Flash

The reason i love the flash is because i think he has the coolest super powers of all time. The flash is so fast that he can phase shift through objects, run at the speed of light, run up walls, and even travel through time. There was one time where the flash entered a plane that was about to crash into a bridge and vibrated so fast that he phase shifted the whole plane through the bridge and landed everyone safely one the shore. Another time the flash saved everyone from a burning building and then went to a library to read some old architecture books and rebuilt the whole building. And the most memorable flash moment was when the flash ran against the Anti-Monitor when the earth was in danger. The flash ran so fast, That even in the face of death, he saved everyone he cared for and experienced and honorable death that shocked everyone reading the comic. The DC Universe would never be the same again.

1. Spider-Man

My Favorite superhero is Spider-Man. The reason for this is because he was just a kid and when i was little i was always bullied. But Spider-Man got me through all that. I learned about Spider-Man when i was 4 and he taught me how to get through my difficult childhood. Spider-Man taught me that it was okay to be different, and smart, and weird, because hiding behind all that weirdness was something truly amazing. Something that one day will make people look up to you and be inspired by you. And that after all those days of coming home crying and feeling worthless was all a lie and that you, regular weird old you, will be someone great and someone who matters to the people around you. Spider-Man told me that we weren't supposed to hurt the people who hurt us, because we don't want them to experience the pain we feel, because we are supposed to protect them without them knowing it. Spider-Man taught me that no matter how many times we fall, no many how many times people hurt us, we have to be stronger that the pain we experience because the world depends on it, because the world knows you are important and that you are worth something. Spider-Man didn't teach me that it was okay to be different, he taught me that it was better to be different.


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