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Generator Rex was another crown jewel that came to an end on Cartoon network. The show lasted from 2010 to 2013 and actually received an award for its animation. The show had a great story with a colorful array of characters to back it up which makes it an ideal choice for a live action feature. The story is ripe with Sci-fi elements and personal themes that could make it one of the most compellingly spectacular superhero movies ever made. Cartoon network could do a tv movie for this show but it probably wouldn't be as good, plus the network doesn't appear to have any other plans for the property.

Here's the plot synopsis for the show:

Rex is far from your average teenager -- infected by nanites, he's turned into an "Evo," with the power to grow machines out of his body. Unlike other Evos, however, he can grow them to suit a specific need and then reabsorb the machines back into his body. He can also communicate with other machines, and he does his best to help cure Evos of their mutations. Recruited by an organization called Providence, which is dedicated to stopping the Evos, Rex investigates other biological mutations worldwide.

Generator Rex shined because of its protagonist who seemed very relatable. Rex could be sarcastic,brash, stubborn, and hard to work with but he had a vulnerable side. Rex was amnesiac after gaining his abilities and becoming an EVO ( Exponentially Variated Organism). Most of the series is based around Rex trying to piece together his past while trying to define his identity as a person. Rex is exactly what a superhero movie needs, a character that we can identify with who is a bit troubled and bit confused about himself and where he is going. The show also showcased a worthy villain for Rex in the form of Van Kleiss, who holds the secrets to Rex's past and constantly taunts rex with promises of revealing everything he knows if Rex joins his side. Kleiss is also an EVO-supremacist and former scientist that wants to wage a war against non-EVO's and the Providence agency. All of this establishes that the movie would have a great narrative to play with as well as a gripping conflict with high stakes.

It's also key that you keep in mind that Generator Rex is actually based on a comic book that was printed by Image comics. The comic book movie craze is taking over hollywood but studios are always trying to find new ways to keep the genre fresh and new. The show also involves a heavy amount of science behind the genetics of EVO's and Rex's unique abilities, You can bet that there will be some interesting lectures about EVO's and how they function. Generator Rex would make a great addition to the comic book movie genre since it has hard-hitting fictional science, action, and humor. Overall it would add something new to the growing superhero genre.


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