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I love comic books. Superheroes, super villains... the whole kazoo

Superheroes. For years they've been around jumping around in spandex, shooting beams from their faces, flying across great distances, punching evil dudes in the face, and getting the girl (or guy). Some of these heroes are simply fantastic, and have been in our homes and apart of our culture for decades. Some on the other hand don't get so much as a second glance, or is written off as lame or dumb. To tell the truth those are some of my favorite characters. The "B" listers , the "undesirables", dare it be said..... "losers". It's time some of those metahumans and superheroes get some recognition, some sort of head nod to say, "Hey!! I think you're pretty great!".

Number 5.

Ultra Boy. Other wise known as Jo Nah, a metahuman from the planet Rimbor. Ultra Boy has powers rivaling that of Superman. Jo Nah has superhuman strength, and speed. He also possesses flight and durability. There are a few differences between Ultra Boy and Superman. Ultra Boy has an ability called "Penetra-Vision". It is exactly like X-ray vision except with the add on of being able to see through lead. Jo Nah also has Flash vision, close to heat vision except is depicted as blue, and more of a ray than a beam. The only downside to Ultra Boy's array of powers, is that he can only use them one at a time. Ultra Boy is extremely vulnerable to "X-radiation" which effects him much as kryptonite effects Kryptonians.

A member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Ultra Boy was a skilled actor; this, combined with his rough background on his home planet Rimbor and social standing, helped him infiltrate criminal groups where he appeared to "go bad". This skill also made him a valuable member of the Legion Espionage Squad; he was the only member without overt "spy" powers.

Being a member of the Legion he is also granted a Legion flight ring. The ring gives the ability to fly. Although this is already and ability he has he can use a secondary power while he has the Legion ring. Ultra Boy's ring also protects him from the vacuums of space, and other dangerous environments.

Number 4.

Stilt-Man. Now I know I said heroes and Stilt-Man is a villain, but hes just to awesome not to mention. Alter ego Wilbur Day, was born in New York City. Day is a competent, although perhaps not genius, engineer and inventor, with degrees in physics and mechanical engineering. Employed by Carl Kaxton who invented a hydraulic ram device. Wilbur stole Kaxton's designs and used them to engineer a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs, which allowed him to tower high over the ground. He incorporated these hydraulic stilts into an armored battle suit, which he created for use in robberies as the professional criminal Stilt-Man. Day also added a silicon coating to his suit protecting from adhesives, and spider webs. This silicon coating made him fairly formidable against Spider-Man.

He is also a moderately talented disguise artist. Day often uses a gun capable of producing a potent stun gas. He has also used gas grenades, a charged-particle beam blaster, a vacuum device, an electrified exterior for his suit, various devices stolen from the Trapster, and various conventional weaponry. Stilt-Man designed and constructed his battle suit, which increases his strength 10 fold, enabling him to lift (press) approximately 1,500 lb (680 kg). The suit's telescopic legs contain hydraulic rams which allow them to be used as battering rams, able to stretch up to 250' and also allow him to walk up to 30 miles per hour (48 km/h). Carl Kaxton designed the hydraulic ram device, but Wilbur Day designed the hydraulic stilts and weaponry as part of his battle suit.

Number 3.

Animal Man. Also known as Bernhard "Buddy" Baker. I know hes had some notable nods in the past, and its arguable that hes a predominate hero. However I feel that he isn't as acknowledged as he should be. While hunting as a teenager, he encounter a crashed spaceship that endowed him with his abilities to gain the powers of any animal that exists or existed on a planet via a connection to "The Red". The Red is a force which connects and pervades all animal life in the universe. It is intended to be the force from which a number of animal-powered heroes get their abilities.

Although Buddy wears a mask, he doesn't necessarily try to keep his identity hidden. Buddy is very open with his wife and kids about who he is, and even started wearing a denim coat his wife gave him over is suit. Animal man wears his coat to keep track of things like his wallet, car keys, even notes written to him from his wife.

After gaining his powers Buddy became a vegetarian and grew a disdain for animal based products such as leather or wool. Animal Man also became an animal rights activist using his gained fame as a superhero to focus attention to animal rights

Number 2.

She-Hulk. Yes, She-Hulk is a very well known character but shes one of my favorites and this is my article. The She-Hulk, also known as Jennifer Walters, is cousin to Bruce Banner. Jennifer is a very well known lawyer. Operatives of Nicholas Trask, a crime boss who had crossed paths with her father shot and seriously wounded her. Bruce being her only living blood relative gave her a blood transfusion. Bruce's radioactive blood transformed his cousin into the She-Hulk.

As She-Hulk, Jennifer possessed powers similar to those of her cousin, though at a reduced level. She also possessed a less monstrous, more amazonian appearance. Initially, the transformation to her She-Hulk form was triggered by anger. She eventually gains control of her transformations when Michael Morbius cures her of a lethal blood disease. Eventually, Jennifer decides that she is going to retain her She-Hulk form permanently—preferring the freedom, confidence, and assertiveness that it gave her compared to her more timorous and fragile "normal" form.

She-Hulk has had many team affiliations such as the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Hulkbusters, and the Fantastic Four. Much like the character Deadpool, She-Hulk also "breaks the Fourth-Wall", She-Hulk was portrayed with a form of "cross-dimensional" or meta fictional awareness, to break the fourth wall. In some stories, she showed an awareness of being a comic book character, with visuals of her "tearing the page" or "walking through a page of advertisements" to reach an enemy's control center.

Number 1.

Hit-Monkey. An unnamed assassin was marked for death after his part in a failed political coup. After blowing up a squad of enemy soldiers, he decides to run for his life. Passed out in the snow after four days of fleeing, he was rescued by a troop of Japanese Macaques. The monkeys allowed the assassin into their clan, with the exception of a lone monkey. The man knew that he would be hunted so he trained daily. Quietly, the monkey that distrusted him watched, and eventually picked up on the fighter's skills. The assassin's health began to fail, and as the tribe of monkeys tried to save him, the lone monkey objected, eventually fighting the rest of the group with his new found skills. Because of the violence he displayed, the monkey was banished from his clan. However, on his own, he saw a group of men on their way to kill the assassin. He tried to run back and warn his tribe, but it was too late - the assassin had been killed as well as the rest of the monkeys. Furious at his clan's slaughter, the monkey picked up extra guns from a bag and proceeded to kill the entire group of men. Determined to avenge his fallen tribe, the monkey now dedicated his life to killing assassins - under the alias of Hit-Monkey.

Hit-Monkey has incredible agility, and reflexes. He is an expert marksman and martial artist. Even in a brief stint with Deadpool, Hit-Monkey would have beaten and murdered him if not for Deadpool's intense healing factor. Hit-Monkey however is not a savage beast and feels remorse and regret for any and all harm he inflicts upon non assassins. Hit-Monkey once shot Spider-Man in the leg, and felt so bad he stopped his fight to apologize.

In The End..

Ultra Boy and his Kryptonian like abilities. The evil Stilt-Man and his awesome battle suit. Animal Man with his animal mimicry and compassion for living creatures. She-Hulk with her hulking powers and caring personality. And last but not least, Hit-Monkey and his hilarious circumstances. Whether you're an A-list character or D-list character, I think you're #1 in my comic book.


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