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The 00' movie "Chicken Run" is one of my favorite Dreamworks movie. I'd forgotten about the movie, until one weekday I discovered it again when I was looking for a movie to watch. I said to my self, "Why not," and I played it. After watching it, I realized something about it that I've, and maybe you, never realized before. I bet you didn't know that "Chicken Run" is an allusion to the Holocaust!

I was pretty shocked how much it resembles the Holocaust and you might be too when I tell you what I found. Caution: There may be spoilers. Put on your hard hat because your mind is about to be blown!

1.Concentration Camps = "Chicken Camps"

You can clearly see how much they resemble and I don't think there is nothing for me to add.

2. Jews = Chickens

Jews in the concentration camps were forced to work with no pay and if you were not essential, you were immediately killed. Same goes for Chicken Run, in which the chickens must be forced to work (obviously with no pay) and if they did not lay eggs, their job, they were killed for not being an essential worker. Coincidence? Maybe, but we're not done yet.

3. The "Final Solution" = Chicken Pies

Hitler wanted all Jews extinguished, so he announced The "Final Solution" in which Jews, essential or not, were killed. Just like how Mrs. Tweedy doesn't care about the eggs (job) anymore and focuses on just killing them all into a pie. Coincidence? I don't think so.


Were you shocked?

DEBATE TIME! In the comments, duh, tell me if you think Rocky represents Oskar Schindler or not and give the best reasons why your opinion maybe a fact.

*BONUS* The chickens wanted to escape the farm, but everything they tried didn't work. A scene shows them trying to escape under the wires, but that didn't work either. If that's the case, how did Rocky escape the camp, when he used that method?


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