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I love superheroes, I have practically my whole life. I love the classics from both MARVEL and DC, Spiderman, HULK, Superman, Batman. It k
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Oh what fun this will be, picking five faves from a nearly countless amount of heroes and villains or other. I'm being sarcastic, this is very difficult, there are so many good ones, great ones, to choose from. But how do I choose them? The physical powers they possess? Or the psychological aspect of their character? I have been shuffling through the fourth and fifth favorite, while I definitely feel strongly about three of them, so.........Here...we...GO!

#5 Spiderman

I really love this guy. He is my childhood favorite and he is the face of Marvel. He is on this list because he is an underdog, my favorite underdog. And he has been a part of many adventures and teams, namely the Fantastic Four when Johnny Storm perished, and The Avengers. His popularity is so strong, he was acquired, borrowed, from Sony in order to incorporate him into the MCU. Also the range of super villains he has faced and arch rivals he has over the years are plentiful. Spiderman aka Peter Parker is a flawed young man that made mistakes and suffered tragedies that would crumble other heroes' spirit. He is a hell of guy to have on your side, that is why he is on my top five.

#4 Captain America

Captain America aka Steve Rogers, The first Avenger, THE Avenger. There is almost not an Avengers team without him. With his super-strength, agility, shield, and leadership, he commands the most powerful team in the Marvel Universe. Some find him to be a bit boring or corny, but after Marvel's Civil War and his depiction in the Marvel movies, it is hard not to get behind this guy. Like Spiderman, he is the ultimate underdog, more than that, he is the voice and will of the American people. Also, his story of him being lost in his time and found in the present losing nearly all of his friends and comrades, truly tragic. His shield is something you cannot not mention when it comes to Captain America. Aside from his physical strengths and strategic skills, his shield is his favorite weapon.

#3 Rorschach

Rorschach is a new favorite of mine. Even though he have been existence for thirty years, it didn't get to me until I read and watched The Watchmen in 2009. He was amazing. He was dark and gritty, character truly affected by the complexities of the world he exists in. He believes in justice, and will do anything necessary to obtain it, especially grimly dirtying his hands. He is not a people person and he has very few friends. He even rubs them the wrong way occasionally, but he is loyal to the cause he represents. His dialogue is awesomely chilling and true to who he is. "You want to know about Rorschach? I'll tell you about Rorschach."

#4 The Joker

Now I have Nolan's Joker, namely Heath's Joker, up here for a particular reason...I will get to that in a moment. Now this a guy Rorschach would have flat out killed, screw the morality code. The Joker is the ultimate antagonist that has killed countless people just for the mere pleasure of it. He has been a frequent visitor of Arkham Asylum, compliments of a winged vigilante, I will get to him, and seemingly escapes time and time again only to kill more people. He found himself latching onto the caped crusader, becoming the greatest rivalry in comic book history. What Heath Ledger did with the character was amazing. He was different from what we were use to, but he brought depth to the character and left a lasting impact on the movie industry that will last for a very long time. RIP Heath. What this movie did was make The Joker combine truth with chaos and loved every moment of it. In essence, that was the Joker. The greatest part of the Joker besides everything, is his undying pursuit to corrupt the un-corruptible. Which leads me to my number one favorite, but before that, I would like to note some honorable mentions...

The HULK, Wolverine, Magneto, Iron Man, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Superman.

#1 Batman

There is no way he is not going to be on my list. The protagonist to the infamous Joker, Batman is my number one. He has no powers, but with gadgets, resources, special training, he is easily one of the best, if not the best, superheroes in the business. His tragic story as the billionaire orphan has been told over and over, but no one seems to grow tired of it. Batman is the dark and gritty kind of superhero I love. Superman is a little too cookie cutter for me, does anyone see him flying around Gotham city taking on criminals like Batman does? No, but that is the beauty of Batman. He ventures into the underbelly where crime and corrupt exists and destroys every facet of it. What I love about Batman is that doesn't pretend that things are great, he will let you know how he feels even though he'll ruffle feathers. Another reason is that he has taken on Superman multiple times & gave him a run for his money. Their butting of heads makes for intriguing conflict, I will be rooting for the Batman. He has intriguing stories that truly affect him, most of the time for the worse. The Joker is just one of many villains Batman has to taken on, which are as dark and evil as they can be. I love me some Batman, this... is my number one... guy!

Well that's my list, I hope it is to your liking, if not...give me your five.


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