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I'm new to this so I am going to do the best I can

The Flash

The Flash has an interesting status he could possibly beat almost every character in the list of comic characters whether it be villain or hero/heroin. Except the speedsters we all know and love. He could pull off amazing feats. Some of the feats include traveling through dimensions or time. He could phase through matter and he can near the speed of light. He has died more than once yes but some idiot usually decides to bring him bank from the dead. This paticular idiot happens to be his arch enemy the Reverse Flash his arch-foe Eobard Thawne(Dr. Harrison wells) for those who watch the flash tv show.

Although our favorite speedster wasn't always Barry Allen. There was Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen. Honestly most people would choose Wally West for some reason unknown. The is my case on the flash.


Most Batman symbols since detective comics issue 27
Most Batman symbols since detective comics issue 27

Yes he may not be super but he is truly one of the best in the buissnes. His name and his fandom speak for it's self and so many comicbooks that explain everything honestly.


This may be blue lantern superman but he's still the man of steel. An invulnerable comic book character that brought superheroes to the playing table for comic books. He can fly faster than five times the speed of sound. He can lift almost virtually any amount of mass. He can shoot lasers out of his eyes that leads to another super power that makes super man a solar flare basically. He can hear almost anything and can see through anything.

The downside he can be killed with a thing known as kryptinyte. Kryptinyte is a green rock made up of materials from his home planet Krypton.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen a millionare that gets stranded on a island for five years and become an green clothing modern day Robin Hood per say. Archery master and a superb swordsman that defends star city from corruption and many bad guys. I wouldn't want to be on his bad side on one of his bad days that's for sure.

One more left to do and I'm running out of ideas.

The Punisher

It's all in the name basically. Frank Castle was an f.b.i. Agent that lost is whole family and swore to avenge their death. His words a very touching.

" It's justice. No not justice. It's punishment"

Well there you have it say what you think about this for my first time just comment on it and lend me know did you like it.


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