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We all know the story of how Harry Potter became to be an orphan and how he was placed at the Dursley's front door to grow up as a normal kid. And to be a normal kid, Petunia and Vernon Dursley, Harry's aunt and uncle, had to tell him how his parents died, and the story they conjured up was that they died in a car crash. So what would have happened to the series if they actually did die in a car accident and Voldemort had absolutely nothing to do with it?

"A car crash? A car crash kill Lily and James Potter?"
"It's an outrage, it's a scandal."

To get to the point, the Potters would be less famous then they became after their death by the killing curse. Yes, James and Lily were both relatively well known amongst the Wizarding World for being in the Order of the Phoenix, an organisation full of those who wanted to battle Lord Voldemort and his followers. Their deaths made them even more famous, leading to everybody knowing the name Potter.

The news that James and Lily died in a car crash would not be ground breaking news and would only be covered for a couple of days, unlike their iconic deaths which made them go down in history. Titles such as, "Wizards Killed in Car Crash" would be placed on the second page of The Daily Prophet, versus titles such as "You Know Who Strikes Again - Kills the Potters" which would make headlines on the front page.

Harry would have still been brought to the Dursley's and would probably grow up knowing that he was a wizard, seeing that their deaths weren't something to for the Dursley's to hide.

Harry would have never received his famous lightning bolt scar. Unless of course he was in the car during the crash and he just happens to get a cut to the head in a lightning bolt formation, but the odds of that are what? 20 to 1?

Hagrid would have never have delivered the Hogwarts letter and told Harry that he was a wizard as he is not very special. Harry still would go to Hogwarts with the Dursley's paying the school fees, which aren't mentioned but hey, nothing is for free these days.

Hermione, Ron and Harry would all be in different friendship groups.

And last but not least, Harry and Ginny's children would be named something completely different, maybe having Harry's parents names as a middle name instead of a first. I mean seriously James Potter II and Lily Potter II, couldn't come up with any interesting names rather than reusing the ones you made up J.K Rowling? Come on.

So to sum this all up, Harry Potter would have not become as famous as he was, he would have become just known as The Kid Who's Parents Died in a Car Accident rather than The Boy Who Lived. But lets be honest Harry Potter is perfect just the way it is!

Tell me what you think would have happened to Harry in the comments!


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