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I have enjoy alot of terrific story arcs. Been on alot of mind blowing adventures. From D.C. to Marvel from movies to television to anime. Today I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on five different characters that blew us away. Whether you bought a comic book, purchase a movie ticket or vegged out on the couch. These are characters who rocked our world or really should have. So without further ado I give you....

The Five Greatest to me

From Marvel comics

No. 5 The Dazzler/Alison Blare

This is a character who gets no credit at all. I have been a collecting die hard fan since the 80's and she still gets no recognition at all. Lets take it from the top shall we? She defeated the Enchantress, took on Dr. Doom, battled Nightmare in the dream realm, killed Klaw, single-handedly defeated the Sisterhood of evil mutants which included Mystique Destiny and Rogue. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. She also took on The Hulk, defeated Absorbing Man, one upped Wolverine (thats right, I said Wolverine) and became a herald of Galactus where she took out Tarrax inside a freaking black hole!!! And not to beat a dead horse here but I hear the juggernaut a big fan! She is Very interesting character with an extremely cool power to convert sound into light. Once again a very underappreciated character in the Marvel Universe.

From D.C. Comics

No. 4 The Vigilante/Adrian chase

Okay let me start this one by saying I'm an 80's child. And in the 80's the Vigilante was king. Yes. He was a huge Punisher rip off and Yes he's got this whole GI joe/ Snake eyes thing going. But this guy was hard core. With the kind of storylines that made you feel dirty after you read them. The story in a nutshell is one by one he takes out all organized crime in his city and while on the hunt for the last mob boss he accidentally shoots dead the cop who'd been hunting. Him since issue one. So after cleaning up the last boss he goes back to his apartment to handle his city's last criminal. Himself. He then puts a bullet into his own head effectively ending the comic book. I mean....Wow! Hard core!

From Movies

No. 3 Hit girl/ Mindy McCready

Okay, I hopefully don't have to tell you that when it come hard core that Hit girl doesn't come to mind. Not since the first Bat Man movie had we seen such a reaction to a costar. I mean the movies called Kick Ass but all we were talking about was Hit Girl. The foul mouth high school freshman with a sword. I personally love this character and if they made five more sequels I'd buy 5 more tickets. This girl is the definition of hardcore.

From Anime

No.2. Robotech/Maximilian Stirling

In the world of Robotech a giant Alien space ship crashes on earth as world peace is declared in fear of alien invasion. The ships technology is reverse engineered ushering a new age. The new technology is called Robetech which include amazing space craft and transferable planes. This show is just an anime joygasm filled with giant aliens and kick ass songs. But one of my favorite things about this show is Max Stirling. An ace pilot for the Robotech Defense Force. What makes this guy so awesome is the fact that he can out fly even the main guy from the show. The short story is the Dos Equis of anime. First he shoots this super hot Ace Alien pilot down then when she shrinks herself down and tries to kill him he beats her again. Lands the hot alien girl then marrys her a day later. (because you gotta be responsible) Then according to the Macross Methos goes on to have like seven kids with her. The whole time being undefeated in a plane. This guy is Epic a Jim Kirk of anime if I may.

From television

No. 1 Buffy Summers

Before twilight, before The Vampire Diaries, before True Blood there was Buffy. Yeah she was sleeping with Vampires long before it became cool and trendy. Back when we brought into question paedophilia and necrophilia. I mean she didn't just bend our presumptions she darn near broke it off. With her relationships with Angel and William the bloody aka. Spike. All jokes aside though this girl kicked ass taking down foes like The Master, the slayer Faith and The Frist Evil. Her adventures are legendary her battles the most epic thing on television back then. I personally dedicated my teenage years to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you know what? I don't regret it. And as her tombstone said "She saved the world, alot."

Well thats my five. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed putting it on here. Any objections or suggestions please post your comments below


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