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So, i just realize this. Basically Teletubbies is Power Ranger.

Oh really? We can see the similarity between both of these team.

  • Both of them consist of a few character "dressed up" in a primary color costume.
  • There are male and female character inside the team
  • They have their own headquarter (you can call it "home" in Teletubbies)
  • They have robotic servant to help their daily "activity" (teletubbies: Noo Noo ; MMPR: Alpha)
  • There is a character who watch this team from distance, a wise-ish character who guide, or you can say "shine" them (teletubbies: Sun Baby ; MMPR: Zordon)

This is just my crazy theory. So i made a "redesign" for Teletubbies to make them a Power Ranger Team you deserved. Enjoy!

Its Morph'in Time!
Its Morph'in Time!

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